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An ex-convent girl,USM architecture student,ex-WKKA (architect firm)currently pursuing Master in Architecture. also a *fashionista *very outspoken * business* self-proclaimed moment photographer and photo-poet* handmade enthusiast* enthrall people with my own style and enchanting-self* ambitious* *I love blogging, scrapbooking, stamps..handmades=P *romantika *very active in society *into music and dance and poetry too *definitely demure for first meet.

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READ ON if you feel like its worth reading.

This is the purpose...when you are in the cyberWOLRD you dont get to meet that person face to face even if that some one gives you that photo of his or hers you still wont be able to know that person unless you tell them!

I am
*Pretty laid back kinda person
*i dun like to get myself into stress-happy go lucky =)
* very talkative when it comes to someone I know...but quiet most of the time.
* Easygoing, Open minded,
* Fashion nista. sometimes I dress quite different from others..some of my friends said being toooo distinguished ?
* I LOVEEEE Groovin ,singin and dancing around like nobody sees me (of course would have acted differently when around people =p)
* Choc ice-cream and
* prefers outdoor  rather than staying at home watching tv person and lead a monotonous life.
* Easily get bored so i tend to do different things sometimes.
* Travel is my life mission
* So artistics that sometimes I just couldnt figure out how to put it in black and white
* Handmade activist  =p
* So in-to event planning and networking...tho i still have this 'shy' feeling...(thats why I wanna plan myself for my future wedding)

Music genre ~~ my scale is ranging  from Norah Jones to eminem.
Big fan of dido, 3 doors down, evanesence and NSYNC !!!!! please believe me when I say NSYNC

I would love to spend most of my time with - Jung-woo-sung, Timothy Olyphant and Derek Hough ( you say it like derek half oke ! )

My inspiration - - Tun Dr. Mahathir

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