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An ex-convent girl,USM architecture student,ex-WKKA (architect firm)currently pursuing Master in Architecture. also a *fashionista *very outspoken * business* self-proclaimed moment photographer and photo-poet* handmade enthusiast* enthrall people with my own style and enchanting-self* ambitious* *I love blogging, scrapbooking, stamps..handmades=P *romantika *very active in society *into music and dance and poetry too *definitely demure for first meet.

My Diary

This page is merely my save box of my past events.. current events will be posted at the sidebar if you or me wanna keep track on the past events then you are on the right track !

MAY Diary
1.05.10 : Happy Labour Day !
8.05.10 : Wan n Makngah come n visit US..
9.05.10 : Happy MOTHER'S DAY !!!
13 to 14.05.10 ; IGBC Conference, Equatorial Hotel Penang
14.05.10 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME !!!
26.05.10 : Submit amendment AMMAN paper

June Diary
03.06.10 : Present Paper for ICERT, Parkroyal Hotel Penang.
06.06.10-11.06.10 : Starts of data collection in Bangi
12.06.10-18.06.10 : Starts data collection in Putrajaya
20.06.10 : submission of siti's guestbook..
26.06.10 : Siti shareeda's and Jman's weeding

July Diary
1.07.10-3.07.10 : DATUM KL-architecture design conference in KLCC convention centre.
7.07.10 - Penang Holiday- UNESCO
12.07.10-16.07.10- Data collection finale-UMNO Penang.
12.07.10 : Movie Mania-Twilight Sequel - Eclipse
16.07.10 : Movie Mania - Inception

August Diary
05.08.10- Farewell dinner @ lil cottage Penang
09.08.10- Appointment gigi
11.08.10- Ramadhan Al-Mubarak (first day puasa)
17.08.10 - My family big decision day
25.08.10- National Women's Day
27.08.10 - Majlis Berbuka bersama-sama ex-USM
28-29.08.10 - Balik rumah @ Jawi
30.08.10 - Dateline Susted Abstract
31.08.10 - Merdeka...Our Independence Day !!!

September Diary
1st - 24th - My beloved Naser went back to Sarawak
1st - Achieved Goal No.....
8th- Balik raya
10th & 11th - Selamat Aidilfiri !!!
15th - To ASN in Seb Perai
19th- Angah's Birthday
24th- My other half came home !

October Diary
1st-Subway we went
2nd and 3rd - SPSS Seminar
4th- My lil bro PMR exam !
9th -Photoshoot @ Promenade ,Penang
3oth- Final Submission Full paper Susted !

November Diary
 5th- Happy Deepavali =p
7th- Photo Shoot At Meadow, QueensBay Mall
11th-17th- Supervisor's Trip to Korea
12th- Movie Mania - Let Me In
13th- Post celebration 3rd Anniversary
14th- Movie Mania- Skyline
16th- Pick Up race pack at Queenbay Mall
17th- Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha- blk kg mood
19th- back to penang island- Friday Nite Movie mania- harry potter
21st -Penang Bridge International Marathon

December Diary
11th K.tasha's and Pok's Wedding
12th-14th KL International Motor Show
14th My mum's Birthday
17th - Friday Nite movie : The Social Network !
18th Movie Back2Back- Narnia + Tron
25th Parent's Anniversary
25th Balik Kg to Seremban =P

January Diary
1st New Year Celebration !
8th Azalia's Wedding Day !!
9th Movie Mania: Gulliver's Travel
19th My Dear's Birthday (**,)
2oth Thaipusam Holiday
25th My lil bro's Birthday !

28th My dear got injured n took leave (MC) =((
29th Movie Mania: HAq The Movie

February Diary
2nd Meet Up with My Best Buddy - Fad.
Birthday My Supervisor P.M Dr. Muna Hanim
3rd & 4th CNY Holidays
9th My Dear got interview
14th Hari Kasih Sayang or betterknown as Valentine's Day
15th Maulidur Rasul
23rd Seminar PGS 3rd
26th Free Photo shoot Session Starts

May Diary
1st - Labour Day
14th - My Birthday !!!!!! Getting younger each bet!
19th - Car accident !!!!
21st-22nd - Balik Kg to Seremban (having fever like almost a week ever since the accident)
27th - My dad's Birthday too oh he's a Gemini !
28th - 2.52PM my bestfriend gave birth to a healthy baby boy Muhammad haziq haiqal ! 2.9kg eh
29th - Movie Mania - Insidious =D
30th - Visit from org kg seremban !

September Diary
19th - My sister's Birthday !!!
28th- Yes Masyuk !
29th - Post Grad Seminar
30th - Going to KL from penang via Transnational

October Diary
1st - Reaching KL, ready to rock Pahang with convoys
2nd - Wedding Intan and depart from Jengka to KL
21st-23rd - Going to KL for a friend's Wedding.
28th - Our 4th Year Anniversary Together.
29th- Anniversary Celebration/ Sulaiman's Wedding/ Outing with cousins/
31st - My New Mykad =D

November Diary
6th/7th Hari Raya AidilAdha
14th Expected to Launch Scrapaperclip
18th-19th Nov Interview with Food Digest

December Diary

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