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Thursday, May 7, 2009

15 reasons : Why it's hard for me to leave studio.?

haha this post is being published to fulfill mas radern's request. I have to play cheat cause its pretty hard to think of 100 different reasons to that particular question.

So here we go The 15 reasons:

1. Studio is where it all started.Crits.Design.Ideas.Work and more work...

2. Studio is the core or heart of architecture students.

3. Studio is the place where we eat, sleep, talk and socialize most of the time.

4. Studio is pretty much a place where people hang out, gossipping,fighting and etc..

5. Studio is a place where we can get free aircond, Internet, lighting,power supply....

6. Studio is pretty much a hostel aka 2nd home in uni =)

7. Our 5th yr studio is the highest...probably because we were seniors-A metaphor

8. Studio is the only place in USM that is still alive even if its 5am in the morning.

9. Studio is a platform to know each and everyone better and even closer..cause u stay almost 24/7 with them.

10. Studio is a center of gathering for shopping, movies,eating out,and etc

11. Studio is one of those places that we can hear guys screaming and yelling like girls..hahaha

12. Studio is the only place where 'the people' hardly shower...especially when the submission date is approaching.

13. Studio is a platform for footballers and gamers...if u know wat i mean??

14. Studio is where we pranked birthday boys and girls...-The Pranksters Club-

15.Studio is a place that I will nerver forget in my entire life !

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