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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update for the post entitled ; Its Friday (March 11th 2010)

As I have promised to do the update based on the article posted 11th March 2010 on :

a) Being a Bride's maid of my best friend's wedding =P

It was a real experience to have actually be doing the before and after preparation of her wedding. I was glad and excited in the sense that it was my first time and will be the last hahaha I wudnt want to be anybody's bride's maid mainly because its my best friend's wed so wanted it to be somethings special, letting her wedding to be the last. Its fadzila and usop wedding held in fad's hometown and all went smoothly without much problems.

I wake up at 6 am in the morning getting myself prepared and helping her out in the preparation for akad nikah in the morning then straight for 'adat bersanding'. It was hectic and tiring I admit but I kinda like it coz I get to see the whole pic from the bottom. So when I wanna get married soon I know what is priority and what's not. So its a real advantage for me knowing whats good and what's not based on my experience as a bride's maid =P during the caremony.

I went to fad's house and back to penang with my dear close friend Fariza....oh dear without her I may not be able to go back and see my family and grandmothers. ( i really mean GRANDMOTHERSSSS >> the letter S is stressed in the word =P)

Overall it was fantastic !! Congrats to Fad's family and Usop for granting my wish and giving me the opportunity to be a BRIDE'S maid once and for all...

Fad and Usop Newly Wed

Usop's best men and fad's best girl ( Jaja kate pemilihan pengapit yg sesuai ??) hahah


a self-portrait ? hahaha a pic during makan beradab

All archi and landscape friends taking photo with the newly wed...


these 2 fellas (nazrin and naser) wearing the same shirt which they bought at different in KL and one in penang..and of all places during this event they wore the same t-shirt hahahaah saiko..that;s my bf the one on the right =P

b) My grandmas' visit to Penang with aunty titi

Well they reached my house in Jawi a few days before they went to Penang to meet me. I was a lil frustrated as I didnt get to spend my nights with them at my house. Only managed to see them for a couple of hours right after fad's wedding that saturday. So we went the whole family in 2 cars including my lil cousin nazatul to Queensbay Mall for evening tea and jalan2.

I bought my lil cousin a pair of shirts and gave my grandma some cash for them to spend a lil. My parents do gave them allowance but as her grandchildren it is my obligation to help financially or anything else that is needed. I love both my grandmas from my mum's  and my dad's side. It is my dream to build a beautiful house replacing the old kampung house in Lenggeng (my father's side). Tunggu ye wan....syg wan =P

Before we bid our farewell, we had our dinner at Uncle Hussin's restaurant somewhere in Sg. Ara, it's quite a famous place to eat. I was lil touched and I really do miss them now....

c) Alice in Wonderland 3d

It was really frustrated at one point I was about to give up getting the ticket at gurney plaza hahah but one will is one will..I am determined no one can even get into my way..not even my boyfriend hahaah sorry syg cause we did have some misunderstanding regarding this ticket issue...

Finally we went to watch during week days on tuesday a few days after fad's wedding not on friday night as mentioned in the last article.

All in all it was gr8 !!! Worth the waiting =P



Lan Bingka said...

aiyaa..bleh plak sama..

farahD said...

tuh la mmg same sebijik nasib satu lengan pendek satu lengan panjang huhuh...

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