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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Georgetown Festival 2010 : When the streets come alive !

7th July 2010

Oke so Penang was having it's public holiday to commemorate the day Georgetown is being listed as one of the heritage in UNESCO's listing.

So the whole month is going to be full of celebration !!!!! ye haaaaaa.....

What the event is all about ?

The George Town Festival is a month-long celebration of the inscription of George Town on UNESCO World Heritage list on 7th July, 2008.

The 2010 festival features over 80 programs to promote ARTS and HERITAGE in Penang with the concerted effort of the Penang State Government, Municipal Council of Penang Island, George Town World Heritage Incorporated, Penang Global Tourism and the various communities of Penang.

What we did on 7th July ?
Today was a public holiday and they have this event called 'When the streets come alive !' which consist of 9 mini events at different places going con-currently. We (myself and my dear naser) actually had a great time that day. We went out at 730am then straight to our first event called “Jom Naiki Sampan di Perairan Laut Clan Jetties!” – Boat Rides at the Clan Jetties!

We really had a great time...really going on a sampan ride was just heartwarming..with all the cultures and scenery views. A breath taking here's some photos for you :

Second event that we were able to squeezed in was the Shoplot Houses Tour started at 11am at Lebuh Church in front of Penang Heritage Trust. There were many tourist from overseas and surprisingly local too. We were the only Malay couple that joined the sad =(...but nah it was oke these people wer very open and kind hearted too. =) In this tour we visitted 6 shoplot houses which to our suprised again was so so so beautiful. The renovation and conservation work done was amazing...seriously..On second thought I might want to buy another shoplot for my own house, restore it like these people did. Most of the shoplot houses were restored by foreigners who eventually got married to local people....

Some photos for you all to see.

Next we headed to Peranakan Mansion. Sadly we were told that on that day the admission is still RM10..not free as stated in the brochure but it was worth paying really...the architecture of the mansion, the interior and internal spaces and design was just overwhelming.

We also fortunate to join the tour guide from the beginning explaining the origin on the house, the ancestors and the design of the house  too.

More photos for you :

And finally we arrived at the armennian street where all the food and crafts bazaar was there...It was so happening with the Khoo Kongsi temple having the live cultural performance frpm chinese, indians, thai and even malay with full colours and dressing. It was totally awesome and beautiful. I love that day !!!


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