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Saturday, July 10, 2010

You should know the meaning of the word....

.......before you can actually say the word out loud. It is ridiculous people these days especially teenagers or so called youngster saying words that they themselves dont even know the meaning or how the word originated from...they simply say it because it is a trend? a fashion ? what esle? trying to suit among the peers? a cliche perhaps ? for goodness sake please....STOP THAT KIND OF ABUSE !

What am I being so upset of ?
This evening as I was accompanying my sis and my dear at the Queensbay food court I saw a bunch of kids hanging around finding some place to know the type where they just love to have all the attention centered to them and so they finally found a place..erm unfortunately next to us. All wearing dirty black jeans with black shirt...funny thing was all the 'group members' wore more or less the same style and fashion and talking in the same slang so on and so I presumed they were a clique.

The point is that when the food court when black out < yea yea Queensbay Food Court when black out for like 20mins> one of the boys shout HALLELUJAH ! for goodness sake ..I was surprised ! A muslim saying such word....

Kalo tak faham lagik....
Hallelujah bermaksud sebenarnya ' Segala Puji Bagi Tuhan' yang memang digunakan di dalam upacara keagamaan mereka secara spesifiknya.
Perkataan ini berasal dari Hebrew (bahasa orang yahudi) kalo dah maksud segala puji bagi tuhan tuh..tuhan sapa plak yang depa dok puji? Astagfirrullahhalazim....

Insaf Insaf....Berjaga-jaga bila berkata yea.


P/s - Satu lagi istilah “MasyaAllah”, ia bermaksud ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY atau ALLAH YANG MAHA AGUNG. Mengikut buku “What Do Say” by Kathyn Abdullah, kita menggunakan istilah “MasyaAllah” bila kita melihat “something nice” seperti melihat bayi/kanak-kanak yg comel, ketika menjamah makanan yang sedap, terbau wangi-wangian dan sebagainya.

Jadi pengunaan MasyaAllah ketika berhadapan dgn situasi yang tidak elok adalah salah dan tidak digalakkan. Yang patut kita lafaz ialah “Astagfirrullahhalazim” (Aku memohon ampun kepadamu Ya Allah) ataupun “Innalillah” (Kepada Allah kita kembali). Tolong sebarkan kepada kawan-kawan. Yang baik dari Allah yang salah dari saya.


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sakura'shiken said...

like this (entry)~~....mmg zaman skrg ramai org x fhm bile berkate2....

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