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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Books for Ramadhan Reading....


Hopping each and everyone of you are doing well...we've been fasting for a week now. Just wanna share with you what I have bought online for this month's reading...a way of keeping myself intact especially this Ramadhan. If I am not going for Tarawih i will be busy doing something else and also spending some time reading these books...its a better start now ! =p

I bought this first book from MPH Alamanda when I was doing my data collection last 2 months and I found this book so they put the words and how they address the issue is so fascinating...especially agama books?

Well i have doubts years ago coz I thought its kinda boring and really haeavy reading (yea I know I am not that type of girl who goes for agama reading..not until now)

This book is Soal Jawab Remeh Temeh Tentang Solat..tetapi Anda Malu Bertanya.....this was my first book for this particular set  and I fell in love with it. As I was looking for other series at  nearby bookstores I found that it was really hard to get titles that I was looking. Different bookstores different in order to get all the titles needed I have to go to every bookstores in town????

No way.

So I searched online at Telaga Biru and lucky me they were having discounts for this fasting season !
So without hesitating I bought the whole set (arrived last Tuesday)(i was excited for the fact that I was surprised to know that they were selling all the titles in one set!) which completed the titles I have been searching for. Each set contains 13 books costs at only RM250 but for students you are entitle to a 20% off for this ramadhan and free delivery !!!!

Name: Set Koleksi Remeh TemehTentang....tapi anda malu bertanya. (contains 13 books/set)
Publisher: Telaga Biru Sdn.Bhd.

Location : your nearby bookstores (MPH, Popular etc)...if wanna purchase the whole set try online at the above link =p

The set includes titles Remeh Temeh on
1. Haji
2. Puasa
3. Solat Part 1
4, Solat part 2
5. Nikah Kahwin
6. Taharah (bersuci)
7. Akidah
8. Zakat
9. Muamalat
10. Seks
11. Isu Semasa
12. Salah Faham  Tentang Islam
13. Umrah dan Adab ziarah Madinah

Cool right ? Coz every single book costs around RM15-20 each depending on the title. So if you are looking value for money purchase why not now ! Plus Ramadhan discount and free just got to have it ! (now like i'm promoting hahaha)

The way they explain in the content are so simple and easy to understand...simple questions with simple answers. Plus with interesting and colourful graphics...todays 'Agama' books have evolved to a whole new dimension suitable for all generations...thats why I bought one for myself !

Oke peeps...thats for now...Jom ramai-ramai ambil keberkatan di bulan yang mulia ini =P

I love reading !

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