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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10- what I did on that day ?

Some people get married yesterday,
some particularly stayed at home,
some people went outing...and me?
Well I was in the third catagory.

Yes, outing I went....and definitely not alone.
Yesterday the whole day I was out...I was for a double date! I love double date. A date with my other half and another date with my mum !

So the first half day I went out with him to Promenade in Penang.....of course. (no place like Penang hehe)
It was my first time visitting after cancelling for like a zillion times of our plan to have a photo shoot there.
To my surprised the area was not like what I've expcted....a lil dirty and lack of maintenance. I felt totally was a real waste of money to have this kind of place and didnt maintain. Rubbish was every where...and most of the rubbish came from....TADAA AAAAA


Yup !!!! Burger King is in PENANG. The first outlet at the Promenade and I tell was a long queue. I dont have to go near or even inside to know that it was full house and packed.

So here a few shots I took personally during the trip....a cloudy and windy trip indeed.

The burger king....

us ...under the cloudy sky...with 4 blue pillars ; a landmark for promenade.
Some people were fishing....

Some old ships and sampans....over-looking the Penang Bridge.

Then on the 2nd halfday I went a date with my mum to feringghi beach but it's getting dark it was about to rain.

Regardless of whatever the condition was, we already promised to go, and so we went....lucky it didnt rain. So it was worth the try. =P

We stayed there for like an hour plus (I think) basically doing nothing...It was tranquil and so soothing to sit there at the beach watching the waves hitting the gold sand.

I didnt take that much photos coz we were busy chatting and I took like 90% of my mum's photos compared to other things that existed at the beach....she was all thrilled being a temporary model for my photo shoot.

So here they are :

She prohibits me from pulishing her photos..well when you are the photographer you are all entitled to the photos...hehehehe

So that's what I did when it was 10.10.10.....cant wait for 11.11.11 next year...I wonde what will happen?

Cheers !


Tun Teja said...

married maybe?...

OrenLimau said...

Burger King di Penang.
lama dah tunggu..mari serbu!yehaaa

farahD said...

tun: no la too early kott =P
oen limau : aah dh ade in ramai dh tunnggu smpi bli mkn pun kena beratur panjang =P

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