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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Post-marathon article =P Goal 25 Achieved !

As promised, here's the article about my journey (sort of) haha =P
Finally after postponing for days,  I have got all the photos and ready to shoot the words !

Venue: Queensbay Mall
Date: 21st November 2010
Start off venue: Eastin Hotel
Finish line: Queensbay Mall

The day before, I went to Qbay Mall, I saw  people already camping out at the event area....probably those from KL or mainland...the bridge will be closed from 1 a.m that sunday till (thats why)

The day started off with me getting ready for the race as early as 4 a.m in the mornig that Sunday, (well thats not early compared to those who participated in Full marathon: their run started at 2 a.m. really !) then 5.30 a.m., I carpooled with my dear friend Izzati (she's the one driving to the place) carrying along my dear Naser, my sister and also other friend Hirda.

It was so packed that morning, lucky we've found ourself a place to park our car...the participation this year, as I've heard was 20,000, from all around the worldddddd ....

It was a bit rushing really, finding the place , the parking and getting ready with the proper warm up lead by Naser (since he plays footie so much we thought he knew better in this kind of thing hahahaha and well he did )

So the race started in front of Eastin Hotel at 6.10 a.m., U-turn at 1/4 of the bridge then run down to in front of the E-gate, make another U-turn and finally back to Queensbay Mall, making it a solid 10KM ! Bare in mind, we have to finish the run in 1.5 hours (90mins) to qualify for the certificate !

And I did, we all did !!!!! Triumph ! Triumph !!!!! Alhamdullilah...

A silver medal for my hard-earned run huhuh

I can tell you, its been a while getting involved in the marathon, my last was during my secondary school hahahah whoa....thats a long long time ago. From time to time I do join the girls in the futsal or anything like it...but not marathon.

I dont fancy marathon, I would prefer 'lari pecut'...I am or specifically was a sprinster ! I love track events.
So I've made the marathon run part of my goals to achieve in life and I've finished it with pride =p

I've posted some photos for you guys to take a peek, some are in good quality but mostly arent, taken using camera-phone...not in good quality (clearly my phone is not the expensive phone huhu)

So enjoy !!!!

Each of the participants will be getting  what they called a race pack on the 16th Nov at Qbay mall

This was what we've got out of the race pack...singlet, a race chip (for them to track and record the time for each runner), a bridge number, some free vouchers, a guide book plus some relieve pain patches.

You see the chip on top of my sports shoe ?  used to track participants' time and for record purposes =P

photo from Hirda, taken during the run....pitch black...looking at the bridge when there was no car but packed wtih people ! often do we get to see that? 

  there are 4 categories ; full marathon 42km I think, half marathon 21km, quater 10km and fun run =P. Different category will be getting different colour of singlets. Clearly 10KM is fluorescent green...hate that colour though =p

sweaty and soaky....left is Naser, right is Hirda

over excited; left is my sis Nadiah

full stomach; left is Izzati =p

A memory both my dear and I cherished most....erm perhaps next year? =P
Who knows ? heheeeheeheh

The one who is grateful,


Hairil Rizal said...

A chip on the shoe? Semua marathon ada benda mcm tu ke?

(Soklan dari org yg tak pernah join any marathon)

Congrats anyway for finishing the run in time!

anne said...

wah.. living with healthy lifestyle.. (^^O)

farahD said...

mr.hairil : yeah they do have the detection chip.(not sure bout other marathons) I think they should have it coz its efficient especially when it comes to the finishing line, the participants dont have to queue or keep track of the time coz thousands are participating man...sure they dont have enough man power to keep track one by one if not bcoz of the technology.

anne: yeah trying to live healthyly from time to takes courage and determination..huhuhu chayok2

ladycooper said...

Salute to all that Marathon finisher. You guys are simply awesome.

Is time to enjoy now and take a look at some PBIM 2010 runners pictures

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