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Monday, December 20, 2010

Update 3 : The Final Installment - My book of the month

Yes, this is the final installment of my on-hold posts (remember I was missing like 2 weeks plus so these updates are actually posts I've been wanting to share but didnt hv the time to publish)

This month alone I bought 3 books. My recent visit to Kinokuniya was as usual exhilarating. I always get overwhelmed with books around me.

Now may I present to you Tania and the 3 Musketeers ! You must be wondering which is which hahaha
Tania -The pink hippo (from today onwards she will be my mascot for books =P)
3 musketeers - The books

The Unmentionables
;from Family Jewels to Friendly Fire; what we say instead of what we mean.
Author: Ralph Keyes
Publisher: John Murray

This book is about Euphemisms or easily know as comfort words. You know like when we talk particularly about topics such as the body parts, bodily waste, sex and so many other things....we dont usually say it directly right? Like the phrase private parts mean ******** or perhaps like call of nature means ****** and so much more. So this book is basically about that. Stories of people and examples of daily life when people actually converse to each other using respectful terms to replace dubious terms =P. Its funny really.

A hard thing to explain but I hope u understand. You will understand better if u get yourself a copy =P

1001 ways to relax
Arthur : Mike George
Publisher: Watkins

Oke this book is really simple. Full of  sweet and colourful illustrations expressing ways to relieve your stress and find the perfect calm in 1001 ways. When u read through you will find things that you dont realize is in front of u that will help so much in beating our own enemy; stress.

If you have that extra cash, try this one =P

And Finally.....

How to Photography absolutely everything !
Author ; Tom Ang
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley (DK)

Who says I dont need a camera book? See?? I am not all expert....still learning new skills and techniques !
Its obvious from the title. The best part is that you dont need DSLR or SLR camera to take good photos really. All you need is a digital camera of any kind and from there you are one step ahead of becoming the best photographer =P With proper technique, skills and camera settings I am sure you will be a master  in no time!

This book tells how to take photos from people to nature, portrait to events and many more! Worth buying =P

I hope my reading helps you +P



Mknace said...


Hairil Rizal said...

farah, if you don't need those books in the future, you can sell it to me.

Those are quite an interesting trio of books that you've bought you see!

farahD said...

Mknace: thanks darl =P
En. Hairil: sure I will inform you if I am letting go any of the books..especially the trio...but not at this moment..=P

interesting? yup you bet =P

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

kreatif la farah ni..i like!

farahD said...

kak Iryd, thanks for your comment =P hehe saje2 je lepak2 buat style mcm tuh +p...

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