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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Celebrating His Birthday My way !

Good Monday Morning dearies and lovelies,

Last wednesday was my dear's birthday....been planning for quite sometime and finally when the day came, I felt so nervous. Silly me it was nothing actually, just worried incase it didnt turn out well that night. But It went so well, Alhamdullilah...without much issues and problems. 

Incase you just dont know how to celebrate in the most decent with tight budget but romantic way, you can try my way =D!

1st:  Survey = Find a restaurant that suits your budget, but tastes good =D

2 days before the actual day,  I did my survey and finally I chose this one particular restaurant which I think affordable and have a sense of place. The details about this restaurant will be included down below incase you wanna stop by and try out yourself when you are in Penang =D.

I spent less than RM50 for both meals ! The meal also include an appetizer ( chicken soup and a garlic bread), main course meal (you can pick from the menu any main course), and also dessert (longan jelly and vanilla ice-cream) ! We went there in an empty stomach and full at the end of our budget-candlelight-dinner =D.
2nd : Plan what to do that night = Candlelight Dinner ?

Yea budget candlelight dinner ;  the candle and the candle holder which I brought myself all the way from home. You dont have to spend to look romantic or be romantic. You can simply use these recycled tiems and make the most out of  it like in the picture below. If you like you can also put some fresh flowers too by laying them down on the table. Simple right?

While we we having our romantic dinner , I saw people looking at us, perhaps they were touch by our act...(perasan kott) hehehe But that night we werent alone, it was full house (luckyly I reserved a place) and there was like 3 groups celebrating birthday too ! They sang the birthday song and we joined together secretly.

see the candlelight which I brought from home, using a recycled jam jar and a mini candle.

So perhaps you might wanna plan that night like what goes after this, and that and etc.. Like mine, we have our meal first, then we relax chit-chatting, later once I feel it is the right time, I let out the cake which I bought before I pick him up, (need to allow the food to digest a lil before you can eat again hehehe) and we have our blow-out the candle cake time. Finally, I gave him the present in which to his surprise have 2 more presents inside that huge box =D...surprises do work at times and will definitely WOW him =D

You can always wrap your own present and design your own card which will definitely costs you less. You know the purple ribbon on the gift box I can did it myself? Even if you are not the artistic type you can always google all these things on the internet! So dont fret =D. Worst comes to worst you can always consult me with F.O.C !!!

If you love theme colour you can use them during this occasion. In my case I used the theme of pink purplish floral theme and silver for him...(hence the silver gift box with purple ribbon and him wearing grey t-shirt with me wearing pink floral pattern dress n jacket).

Sometime you may not want to be so perfect, with all the plans and etc but I am the kind of a person who is very its oke, just follow your heart and it will tell you what is best for both of you =D

3rd: Capture the moment = Time to take photos !!!!

In this kind of occasion, it is always good to have your camera around to snap some photos as a moment to be remembered. Plus you can fill up your time by doing so,especially when your partner is the kind of a person who is a lil shy or dont talk that much.

So what ever you do, do it with all your heart in it. No matter how simple it is, I am sure you loved one will appreciate everything that you do for him...

It's the thought that counts right?

Below are some details about the place I've been rambling about !

Harvest In Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Penang

 Cuisine:  Wester, Asian and it's Pork Free !!!
Business Hour : 11.00-3.30pm, 6pm-10pm. Closed on Sundays. Closed for Dinner on Tuesdays. 
For reservation/ inquiry :  04-2261718

I can tell overall that this place is suitable for those who are looking for something sweet plain and simple.
Plus the place has its own sense of place, where you can dine in inside (air conditioned) or outdoor with bamboo plantings. Price of the food is very reasonable together with good service and customer-friendly =D.

 ~The place ~
Where do we sit ? Can you see the table in front of the big window? yes thats right, directly in front of it. +D

 ~This is our main course ! Grilled Almond Fish and Honey Mustard Chicken !~

 ~Taraaaa ~

 ~He was surprised !~

~Trying to be different, but not so much....~

I have more photos uploaded in my facebook. So if you wanna see more of our dinner and the place, click my facebook badge !

Well I hope my information helps ! Muahhh !


Tun Teja said...

macam cantik kasut..hihihi

Hairil Rizal said...

Pls convey my message to the Birthday Boy: You are indeed a very superbly lucky guy to have a superbly fantastically loving girlfriend!

If I am in his shoes, I would have fell in love again (for the 1001st time)!

Very sweet indeed Farah!

farahD said...

en hairil: awwww I am so flattered.....I guess it is my nature. I love beautiful and romantic things...and I can tell you too birthday boy somehow the total opposite of me hahahaha anyway thanks again mr.hairil for all your support...take care mr !

tun : hehe mekacih syg..

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum farah,

1st time ni sampai sini. hai, nice blog. suka baca cerita-cerita disini =D

anyway, thanks ya share this idea. saya sedang plan surprise for my sweetheart.

hope it works!

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