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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Free Photoshoot !!!!!!!

 FULL HOUSE !!!!! 
** if there is empty seat available...I will inform you all again oke.

Askm and greetings to all gentlemen and ladies,

Surprise, surprise !!!! 
~Our Sweet Serenade Signature Photoshoots~
Yes it is for free !!!

Only limited to 7 place oke. 
So be the first 7 person to register oke =D
We can do portrait shooting, events, family, post-pregnancy or etc shootings in Penang for 

!!!!!! FREE OF CHARGE !!!!!!!
Yes2 you read it right !

Blowing off the wind =D

What will you be getting in this free photoshoot ?
** A CD- compilation of 10 best photos taken during the shoot AND
** 1 piece of printed 4R photo of your choice =D

If you wanna see my portfolio kindly go to label under Sweet Serenade Photos !!!!

Where and When ?
** Shooting will start right after CNY holiday which is from 19th February onwards.But booking is open now and has to be 1 week b4 the actual date of photoshoot.
** First Comes first serve basis.

** Promotion will stop after the 7th person =D.
** As for the location you, can pick anywhere as long as in Penang Island, preferably in Georgetown area. It can be at your own house or we can actually recommend you some places to shoot =D.
** You can tag along your friends and take group photos restriction !

*** The Photoshoot will take around 30mins to 1 hr the most =D
*** 1 week max for processing and delivering the end-product 

What do you need to do?
1. Be my follower.
2. Copy my blog button to your sidebar.
3.  Leave your email add and contact no in the comment area of this post so we can get back to you for the planning and etc ASAP.
We will reply in 24hours time oke.

The 7 Lucky Person =D

1. Dhiyalova
 2. Iznurul Aina Zolkifly
3. Ida
4. Dhya Surya 
5. Dyn
6. Ctmah
7.  Hana

Waiting list
8.. Beba

** To all clients: Reservation is only open for 3 days, if you really interested kindly reply the details we have sent to you even though there are details that you are not confirm yet. This is just to make sure that you are serious =D....sms me for fast response. Thanks yea.

Thats all lovelies.....I hope you enjoy this sort of giveaway +D
P/s I am working on the make over of my blog... so please bare with the mess yea =D

**************Terms and Conditions Apply***************

Muahhhhhh =D


x3,dayana said...

this is interesting, but im very far away from penang, sobs,

farahD said...

Really ke? huhu where are you staying anyway ?

Anonymous said...

photoshoot ngn baby :)

farahD said...

yUP2 shooting with baby can be done too =D interested leave ur details yea.

OrenLimau said...

wohaaa!!interesting....tapi february onwards da xde cuti la sis.huhu..sampai bile eh?
nak dgn kawan2!

farahD said...

orenLimau: dear, dia takde dateline as long as cukup 7 org promo akan stop. so if u nk buat in marc pun oke jek...janji register dulu then baru booking tarikh. Apa2 shooting je..kwn2 pun oke jgk.No restriction. Berminat ? hehehehe

kitakesitu said...

ala,kalo in slango@kl best la...sob3

OrenLimau said...

sangat!!!heee.okeyh..nak chop dulu.haha.will tell my friends about it.

dhiyalova said...

Mahu sis!!! =D

kitakesitu said...

salam dear, i interested tapi jauh la pulak,just spread ur news at
my email:

Iznurul said...

Alaaaaa, i wish i wish.. but Penang - KL too far.. :(

farahD said...

kitakesitu: thanks syg for promoting! muah2 tulah syg tak dpt if in KL sbb dok kat penang nih..kalo kat KL lama dh book nama u =D
dyiyalova: oke settle booked nnti i email u oke =D

iznurul: akak sy reserved oke tok akak.anytime =D

Hana said...

hye dear!! sy berminat utk photoshot itu.i've done!!

farahD said...

Hana: oke dear, i will email you but b4 that need you to follow me then copy my button ( u can get it at the bottom of my blog) and paste it in your blog sidebar yea..

Hana said...

yes!! i dh follow n add ur button at my site

farahD said...

hana:yea dh tgk td thanks yek muahh will email u ASAP

Hairil Rizal said...

If I am in Penang Village, KL boleh counted for ke? Hehehe!

Wish I can join in the lucky 7 :)

Nur-Za Marlyana Mohd Kamal said...

alaaaa in penang only? :(

ctmah said...

hi dear..i dah join :)
walaupun jauh tapi i nk try gak :)
my email:
cont num: 0102207745
my blog:
tq dear

farahD said...

Mr.Hairil : heheh tuhla kalo nk buat KL bolehla tp kmbat lg kotttt...perhaps kena charge transportation sikit hehheheh

Nur-Za : A'ah sadly...i'm doin in penang jek...takde kesempatan lg nk ke KL =(

Ctmah : already email to you. Please see if we can make arrangements yea =D

Luv all-muahhhh

iDa said... nye dpt photoshoot free...nak la....btw i dh follow u n add ur button at my site bar
my email:
cont num: 0175939389
my blog:

beba said...

kitorang ade gak plan nak jalan2 ke penang dalam tahun ni..insyallah..

so agaknye bule ke? menarik gak nak join..tapi tak sure lagi la bile ni sampai bile jek valid?

_DHyA_SuRya_ said...

sy join...tapi still boleh join lg kan...xsabar nya.... ♥♥♥♥
email :
my blog :
ph no : 019-5679549

beba said...

saya dah follow and add badge at my sidebar..
email: beba_anas [at] yahoo [dot] com

farahD said...

oke beba and dhya, noted. kindly check your email oke =D

dyn said...

nak join jugak, still available ke?
im dyn,,
0124432662, Scholl of bioogical sciences..

farahD said...

to all my dear, those yg tak send lg confirmation email cepat2 send sbb yg submit ade 8 org tp I leh amik 7 jek so now tinggal Beba and Hana yg tak confirm for the last place yg tinggal ni. So hurry ! heheh

ctmah said...

tqvm dear!muahs!

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