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Monday, February 7, 2011

I am truly honoured. Thanks Dear Juju !

Thousands of people are blogging, you, him , her and you and you and you.....and me...and the list could go on and on non-stop...
different people, different places, different purposes...

.But I am here blogging for only one reason.

To Share and Be Inspired.

If its not for sharing, I wont be telling you whats on with this and that in my life, will I ? hehehe

And you know what, finally a person truly was inspired by me.
I feel so touch reading her post...the feel is like almost crying, not because she posted some beautiful stuff about me, but my dream to be an inspiration to others has achieved !!!

I may not inspire thousands of people...but knowing that there is someone, somewhere at some place out there inspired by what I do or did..I am truly me more hopes to write and make more beautiful stuff to be shared with others.

So Juju, your acknowledgement about my blog is being heard and I wanna thank you for that. As a token of appreciation I am doing the same tooooo =D

 For more of her touch go to her link !

Her sweet Header !

Bits on what she have posted =D

~Lets Spread the love ~

Zillion Thanks to you.....Juju dearest,


Hairil Rizal said...

To inspire and be inspired :)

I believe that Juju is not the only one out there who is being inspired by you :)

syieranuar said...

hello dear :) thanks for visiting my blog!

oh btw, i did read bout juju's post , and she's right! u're so inspirational!! keep it up honey :)
keep in touch.:)

farahD said...

Thanks to both of you, Mr.Hairil and Ms Syiera....yes, we will stay in touch definitely . =D

ezura evenstar said... pon terharu jugak... farah2...segan plak aku ahahahaha =P

thank u so much dear~!!! mmuahhhh~!!!

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