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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free Photoshoot Update 1 : Diyana and Arif

I am here again posting another entry of good news.
My free photoshoot is now running according to schedule and I wanna thank to all those participated in this shoot for giving me and my dear an opportunity to expand our work. 

And so last weekend (precisely last saturday) we had our first free photoshoot with Diyana and Arif
at Tanjung Marina somewhere near jetty in Penang.

 To Diyana, thanks for all your time spent with us, and your patience, we truly enjoy that day with both of you. Though the session run far from expected....( i think we spent like 3 hours or so for the shoot =D) 
We know that there are ample of rooms and space for improvements and that is why we did this =D

I will reveal some photos taken as a credit to the soon to be bride : Diyana
Those photos below are my version of edit. Mine will definitelly differ from my dear's version of edit.

 Compared to professional photographers with their high end gadgets to my photos with low budget gadgets is far beyond recognition..but what I did is out of fun and trying to enjoy myself with what I love to do.

Diyana if you are reading this entry, please pick the best shot for us to print yea =D.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot for Diyana and Arif

~I will take turn with my dear to shoot and edit since we have 7  clients to entertain..weeee ~
My version of edit now is just for fun...the photos will fully be editted by my dear =D

p/s sorry for being such a pathetic photographer...mmg kelam kabut a bit la that morning (**)

I hope its oke and they love it =D


nurkaloi said...

nice !!!

dyn said...

hye farah,
tq soooo much, hehehe suke suke those pic...nanti i pilih n let u know ok..cepat betol buat keje mmg best la...

Marya Hana . said...

hai, lawa and sweet sangat all da pictures ;)

mAsHiMaRo said...

nice one!:)
good job dear!:)

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