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Sunday, March 13, 2011

When Mr. Merong came visitting -D

Its been awhile since my last post about movie right?
So now I am posting not just 1 but 2 movie entries....these 2 movies somehow worth reviewing. Lets start with the local first then we go to the international screen oke.

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.

Unlike HAQ, this particular movie definitely has a different touch, I mean in terms of local movies. (not comparing with international standard) HAQ HAS FAILED to entertaint me because of the ham-handed script and pointless plot/story. HAQ has a good beginning but towards the end I think I'm gonna faint. You know why? coz they cast such good actors and actresses but the plot isnt working so does the actor. Its related. Oke enough bout HAQ ( 200% disappointed).

Back to Mr. Merong. Before I watched this movie, I kinda have my faith a lil low coz, the thing about Malaysian movies, they are no diversity in it. Only focusing on say CGI or effects but always lacking in the art of scripting, plotting and casting. We have so many beautiful epic  and real life stories to be told, so we should bring that instead of melodrama love stories like pisau cukur or any movie like that. The directors dont have the effort to study about facts (like sci fiction movies) and real life stories. Taking the easiest way to make a low budget movies which is....LOVE STORY. typical.

Merong Mahawangsa however has a different touch to it. Not perfect just yet  but somehow the plot has a point to the end. I dont wish to have a spoiler in here coz I really hope you guys can go and watch it yourself, so you can tell. This movie is a dizzying blend of spectacular visuals and old-fashioned melodrama. Kudos to KRU production.

Plus given the fact that Mr. Stephen-Rahman Hughes is a mixed blood (sounds like harry potter hahah) he has a very fluent english accent. Not bad in Bahasa as well though he speaks  a lil like the English people trying hard to speak Bahasa. But it worked for him. So this makes the whole movie marketable outside Malaysia for a start.

I cant deny there are many areas that they can improve but hey I think its a good start for Malaysian movies to go international dont you think ? I guess this genre epic movie can sell very well in the international market too.

So if you have the time get yourself a ticket oke. Perhaps I am wrong in some ways, but I believe this is a good start. I am still waiting for Malaysians to produce a sci-fiction movie =D like  Sanctum perhaps?


Its no action packed movie. I also get bad reviews about this movie. Somehow I wanna watch it coz it is inspired by a true story which is my favourite plus a sci fiction? yea another additional points to that. This movie is about an underwater cave explorations in Papua New Guinea by a group of scientists. I was amazed to see such cave, and knowing what they've been doing just mesmerized me.

Sanctum is beautifully photographed, and it makes better use of 3D technology. There is a suspense to the plot but I guess the few things that are lacking are perhaps the script and casting. But the idea and the whole story to me is great.  While watching, I was imagining myself to be in their shoes of darkness, uncertainties and low faith. I guess if I were to replace any of the scientists, I would not have survived - I hate diving coz i feel  inferior and vulnerable- just dont know why- hahahah still figuring out.

So these 2 movies make my weekend a lil pack. I hope you have enjoyed my review.


unknown girlz said...

yeah..nice review.. :)

really good effort from KRU..
all d best to them :D

**not yet watch it,the trailer seems awesome!

farahD said...

thanks dear unkown girl...i really hope u enjoyed =D

Hairil Rizal said...

Haven't watched Mr Merong. The 13PG rating got me stuck at home. I can't bring my daughter in!

Takpelah..sabar aje la tunggu kat Astro First.

I believe (from the Behind The Scenes) that it was another great production from KRU Studios that is still a distant away from perfection, but it is seriously a great try by them!

farahD said...

mr.hairil: definitely worth watching...for the first time listening to a proper english speaking and translation. they have improved in a lot of aspects but definitely far from perfection...its like the 300 movie version...but this one its local. I am still waiting for malaysian to produce movie like sanctum (perhaps better) or black swan and king's speech...these movies are all A listed.

Anyway gr8 attempt by KRU ! Keep it up.

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