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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bookworm, I am not ~

As for yesterday , I went for book and photo hunting =D Its been awhile since my last purchase of books < ~ leisure book reading~ > and so we went to 2nd hand bookstore located at Chowrasta in Penang, Georgetown area; 10mins walk from Komtar.

FYI, Chowrasta is the place where you can get all sorts of pickles, from nutmeg to papaya...a famous place for tourists . It  is also a place for wet market.

Well this one particular bookstore is directly above the pasar. In fact many people do not know that above the 'pasar' there's an old bookstore selling 2nd hand books. Really. Given at the condition of the place, we dont usually think such bookstore would have existed. hahahaha. 

You can tell how the bookstore looks like by knowing that it is above the 'pasar'. Its not a fancy bookstore like Borders, MPH or Popular...not even close.
Its a bit dusty,  smelly at times and so not well-organized...It has its own scent when you first step into the store....i called it 'the old book smelllll ' A perfect scent for bookworms

hahahaah kidding (^^,)

In spite of the condition, the book keeper/ the owner is very friendly and resourceful, he knows what this and that book about, which edition and he takes all the trouble searching for the book that we want in between the stacks !!! Its a total mess in conclusion =D but if you are a preppie bookworm you can be overwhelmed , just by looking at those piles of books !

This is not my first visit. Been here a couple of times before, just never bother to take photos every time we went there.

But I love the place no matter what.
Cheap and full of antique books, edition 1965?? You will never find elsewhere =D

Enjoy the pics my lovelies.. another story of my photo hunting yesterday!

~Wordless ~

 Old books, Antique books, New books, Magazines of all sorts =D

Looking and searching for books can be pretty challenging coz most of the books are not arranged according to the categories.

Us browsing the books in between the not-so-well-organized books.

I've made up my mind finallyyyyy~ so I bought 4 books at only RM20 plus 1 book free...thanks uncle!

Love story, a  free gift from Uncle !

Now you can roughly imagine the condition of the bookstore hahah See all that rubbish on the ground ?
oh yea and that lil smell from ground floor =P < market place>

Happy as ever ~


Tun Teja said...

nak jugak..sangat heaven..

Eve said...

oh my goodness! many many piles of books! If I were in Penang, i'll definitely visit this shop!

farahD said...

eve: indeed, If you were there you will be overwhelmed ! Come to penang and I can show you around =D
tun: jom2 dtg penang kita jalan2 hehehe

OrenLimau said...

hai sis!
hehe..lama x dtg sini.
a'ah..saya suka pergi sini.
sbb dapat carik buku dgn harga yg murah.btw, uncles suma tu baik sgt :)

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