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Monday, April 4, 2011

Love Story; indeed

Love Story by Erich Segal (1970)

Remember last Sunday I went to a bookstore in Chowrasta and I have this one book as a gift from the owner?
I've finished reading today (Monday) in just a few hours, leaving me thinking and teary.
Yes this one particular book got me all teary-eyes.
One of a kind.

 The Front cover
 The rear cover

The movie poster
Played by Ali Mcgraw as Jenny and Ryan O'neal as Oliver

Call me late bloomer, I only knew about 'the greatness'  and how this 'worldwide bestseller phenomenon' book touched thousands of hearts during 1970s (and still counting)
There was also a movie based on this book which came out later that year, also a hit.
 A big hit. Both the book and the movie.
I wasn't even alive when this came out.hehe

 What I can tell ?
The writing was simple and easily understood. 
The movie too was a direct translation of the book (thats what I've read from people's review -havent seen one yet)
But I think its simplicity is part of what's so great about it...really.
Cliche of rich boy and poor girl dating, and fell in love.
It's generally what might have been your  typical soppy chick flick that would have probably be the best one of its kind...
Anyway, it worked for me.
 Both the movie and the book.
 It hits all the right emotional buttons, and although I'm not one to usually cry over films or even books per se, this one certainly had me in tears. =(
Without a doubt, the greatest romance film ever made between the 1970's

Would love to share this short clip taken from youtube to give you the rough idea of what this movie or book is all about 

'Love means not ever having  to say you're sorry' ~ Erich Segal, 1970


Hairil Rizal said...

Uh..lama sungguh saya tak baca novel/buku citer.

Magazine banyak la..perhaps kena tak time utk try baca semula.

p/s: I find that downloading your page skrg ni a bit slow. Don't u think so?

farahD said...

mr.hairil : hehe if you havent read books for awhile I guess this is the time hehhe

btw my page is uploading a bit slow? is that so? coz on my part I have no trouble uploading it; as usual. erm I wonder why...

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