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Thursday, May 26, 2011

ARCHITECTS can sometimes be pretty FUNNY

These are some of the images I found while I was 'google-ing'
and I thought it was FUN if not FUNNY =D

Most of the pictures I got from Mirage.Studio.7 fellow architecture student from Malaysia studying overseas !
A big fan of the blog =D
I was laughing looking at this one, either this person has a big hatred on architecture or  just simply trying to understand the architecture field. Either way, I think architecture can be pretty sucks at times due to the work load and how the industry actually running, but most of the time I think it is great !

These mini strips of cartoon pretty much explain what architecture is all about =D
One can go berserk/frenzy because of workload =D

Most of Architecture students have seen this graphic interpretation of what architecture is. We hardly sleep, especially during studio or project submission hence the absence on the bed. Struggling to the last drop of sweat to make it perfect. (but it will never be perfect...everybody knows that )

Speechless ~

This one is good.....all the checklist  needed to make an Iconic design. Kindly refer to this checklist, or will not BE APPROVED !

One thing about architecture students, we love to resemble the life of our work with pretty much everything around us....well this include the intestines too ! A floor plan made into a tunnel of intestines?
I'm feeling a lil dizzy already.......

At first I was shocked knowing there's a comic about 'THE ARCHITECT' but when I found out more later , this one has nothing much to do with the architect's life....huh. A bit of disappointment and frustration.....

And the best part of all.....can you believe such Job vacancy Advertisement was actually out in the paper? Its a prominent architect firm hahahahaa Kinda cool huh....perhaps the boss has a good sense of humour 

I love comic strips,

1 comment:

Tun Teja said...

that iklan job is sooo winrar..hahahha

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