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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hey, who said facts cant psycho you?

Psycho Fun Facts !

1. Months that begin on a Sunday always have a ' Friday the 13th'.
2. All babies are colour blind when they are born.
3. Sleeping on your right side helps gas escapes easier from your stomach and out your mouth as a 'burp'
4. If colouring werent added in Coca-cola, it would be green !
5. A duck's quack doesnt echoe.
6. Intelligent people have more copper and zinc in their hair.
7. Some lions mate over 50 times a day? !
8. When you are in love. you remember 30% more of your dreams
9. Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different.
10. A snail can sleep for 3 years !
11. When you are snoring, you are not dreaming !
12. You forget 90% of your dreams within 5 minutes of waking up.
13. Think of any colour. Three out of five will say red.

14. Chocolate can help you live longer.
15. Two out of five people marry their first love =D
16. Smelling bananas or green apple can help you lose weight.
17. No matter how hard you try, you can never remember how your dream started.
18. The average person has 3000 thoughts per day.
19. The human brain is much more active at night than during the day.
20.People with blue eyes can see better in the dark.

21. Cats that fall from higher than 7th stories get fewer injuries than those that fall from lower levels.
22. In 1945, A rooster by the name of Mike lived 18 months without a head !
23. Men have nipples because as an embryo, everyone is a female until the Y chromosome kicks in !
24. 'Racecar' is spelled the same forwards and backwards.
25. Jelly fish evaporates in the sun, they are 98% water
26. The female Praying Mantis rips off the Male's head during sex !
27. Women speak about 7000 words per day, the average man averages just over 2000 words .
28. If you touch your tongue while yawning, it can stop the yawn !
29. You cant hum while holding your nose closed.
30.  Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb was afraid of the dark.!

Psycho isnt it? Will have more soon...

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