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Monday, July 4, 2011

Travelling in Slow motion !

Today is nothing but WORDS, not words of wisdom..or anything such like it.. Just WORDS.


My schedule is unbelievably pack especially this month and the coming months till Raya.
I am currently busy finalizing my thesis and hopefully I can get it done and over with by end of this year..Amin.
Please do pray for me dear...
My mood is like a roller coaster...sometimes I'm good, sometimes I go berserk but most of the time I am stressed...haha

Regardless of my emotional roller coaster, I'll be heading to Bangkok this coming Sunday till next Saturday from 10th July to 16th July.
My first trip oversea this year..erm probably the first and the last hahaha.
Didnt see this one actually, not expecting this trip precisely saying.
Got a call from Bangalore, next thing I knew I got the approval in no time ( I wonder the approval I received was pretty fast compared to my local trip few months back..huh system like emotions too) and.........
Whoalla ! Tickets to Bangkok!

Counting the days and it is less than a week more to go.
Shish....I havent prepare a single thing.

Who said going elsewhere do not need preparation? Well unless if you are going for a 'Fun Trip' that would be a totally different story, but this one I'm going is 'work trip' : heading up north to attend the Energy Efficiency Summit which will be held in The Westin Grande Hotel, along the street of Sukhumvit...yeah you know that place ?

Once I'm there I will take loads of photos oke. Now I am preparing myself mentally and physically not to go mountain hiking or temple exploration but the train; the 22-hours trip from Butterworth to Bangkok!
Can you imagine train-travelling? ( wanted to go via Air Asia but tix last minute always expensive, CRAP!)
Going to world's destination in slowmotion? hah...u get to sleep the whole day. Thats definitely it.

I've been to Thailand actually, for studio trip a few years back...i've visited few places most of them are buildings, temples, Chao Phraya name it..the super cheap craft items and not forgetting the Thai Massage which seems to be expanding well especially in hotels in Malaysia.

Will have my tentative posted, hopefully by this Fri...just so you know where and when I'm heading to.. (like you care? Do you? I am honoured (",) )

Thats about it now...will have something posted later in the evening....something useful =D

Now I'm feeling dizzy ( the thesis writing mode haha)


dhiyalova said...

Have a safe & sweet journey akak!! ^^ and all the best in ur thesis..xOxO

Hairil Rizal said...

All the best for the journey to Bangkok!

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