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Thursday, August 11, 2011

All About the Weddings ! So into it y'all =D

Sounds so chirpy Friday Morning.
Practically its the weekend.

Plus I have something new to recent works on Wedding's Artwork!
No more talks and words...lets see the photos installed just for you =DDD

These installment comes in 3 parts according to types =D

Wedding Vow Card - 3 pages

Comes in the colour of pastels...the card itself is in very light pastel its matching with the purple and pink pastels =D

Wedding Guestbooks

With ribbons and flowers =D

First page with welcoming words from bride and groom =D
Comes in the set of 2 =D with matching colours and themes =D

 All the oictures are order from Bella with the theme of red and white. This guestbook is bigger than the one I usually did for clients which is A3..normal is A5 size =D

Wedding Prop/Signage or Deco Board

Comes in differen option for client;s to choose...this one is much simpler than the final outcome =D using mostly recycled items =D

Some love wedding phrases...
Place it with some bouquet of flowers will surely make your existing deco much more alive and vintage =D

Above are the final version or her wedding board/ signage suitable for Wedding's prop which can be place at almost anywhere you want it...Guestbook table, Prop for wedding's photoshoot and etc.

FYI this wedding board can also be used after the wedding...all you need to do is frame it and it will be a part of your memory to cherish =D
I do provide stands for the board too so you dont need to hassle around looking for one =D

Testimonies from clients
Farah, sy dah terima board + kad hari ni, thank you, i love it so much..
xsabar dah nk guna board tu,tetiba td dtg idea kalo letak kat pelamin pon cantek kan? kalo ada space leh letak nnt,mmg nk letak la.. ;);)

kad birthday pon suka,xsabar nk tunggu his birthday on october, i'm sure he will like it..
sy suka kerja awk,sgt teliti n kemas..i really appreciate hasil kerja yg kemas.
owhh packaging pon sgt interesting, ada tag gitu.thanks farah, u made my day!

I hope you have enjoyed all the updates and my recent works =D
Anything can email me directly at
For more photos go to Scrapaperclip or my facebook badge =D


got what i've been waiting since yesterday...tq Farah Diyana . Thanx dear...the result is awesome! I like it so much...


Thanks so much Farah, sangat2 suka ....both...card match sangat dengan decoration hantaran  Nas, Thanks tau faham apa yang Nas nak =D


Cheerios, Happy Flyday =D


cik Nemo said...

OMG! cantiknya! how to order?

farahD said...

dear visit my website

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