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Friday, October 28, 2011

4th year together as a heart and a caricature to celebrate !

Happy 4th yr to my dearest !

We've known each other for more than that but given the actual date when we were an item was today on 
28th October 2007.
There has been time when we both had problems which we thought impossible for us to continue with the relationship but 'preseverance is mother of all success' so we took the chance and continue in a course to face the difficulties together.
Now, we are grateful after 4 years of high and low together...we couldn't have ask for anything more.
As for future planning, we are waiting for the right time to officially be Mr. and Mrs Naser =D
InsyaALLAH sekiranya jodoh masih panjang pasti akan sampai kad ke tangan saudara saudari =D

and as for the CARICATURE ( oh gosh, oh gosh! I am so excited about this really! )
TADAAAAA !!!!! This is the draft version of us.

The black and white version of us....and..not forgetting....(see below)

The colourful version of US !!! I am so in love with this coloured caricature plus the scarf I worn was so me =D..Rainbow Avalanche.

These caricature I ordered from a dear friend of mine as my gift to him and also a collection for me to keep (planning to have more of my caricature soon hehe) ...met while I was looking for someone to cartoon both Naser and I..and I stumbled across this cool blog Doodle Design by ET

Actually when I was in KL for a seminar last april, we went to Pasar Seni to find an artist to draw us caricature...but unfortunately he was not there at his booth although we knew he was around (coz he left all his pencils and boards unattended, so probably went out to toilet or taking a break) so we came back and he was still not we gave up coz we needed to catch our bus back to penang.

When home frustrated...I left the frustration feeling for like months until I found the blog mentioned above like 3 weeks ago ! I was so thrilled and super duper excited really. Finally my dream of having a caricature came true...Alhamdulillah (well thats what we meant rezeki)..

Funny eh. Probably not all of us have this desire like I do but what I found unique about this caricature is that It shows the other side of you in a form of distortion ! The funny look of you in drawings !

Dont you just love it? Of course in reality if I were to look so distorted like that, they would have call me a weirdo...

Anyway this girl was so kind to post about my order in her blog here The Architect's Of Love- Click for the full cover =D

One thing for sure.... 
** browse her blog to see more of her portfolios and package =D **

So lets have some photo-taking with the product which I received last Friday =D

If you seem to notice, I always take photos using the same background..right? Yes that is the place where all my plants live ! Gonna add to that green area soon...and you will see the newly plant in shock !

Waiting for him to come back from work so we can have a lil quality time and photo taking !


Azhafizah[フィザ] said...


farahD said...

thanks si hati merah jambu heheh suka terjah blog kamu ceria la =D

Hairil Rizal said...

Nice designs & nice caricature too. sy suka yg kaler. sbb sy hidup penuh dgn kaler :)

farahD said...

thanks Mr.Hairil...just doing it for the sake of curiosity hhehe =D

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