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Monday, October 31, 2011

Of the Late Sky.

This one whole week been going to places for so many things; cousin's wedding, family from my father's side came to penang, and not forgetting Deepavali holidays coincide with the school hols.
However the plans mostly been disturbed by our Mr. Angry-Sky-Rain. He doesnt seem to be so happy with all the plans...looking a bit upset; I think.
It has been raining in Penang for like a week plus now..and today this very moment I am posting this entry !

But thanks to him...coz with this kind of weather, I got to snap a few quick shots of the unstabilized weather while I was at home and travelling too.

All photos were taken through out the week =)

This particular cloud really looks like it's dropping off from the sky...very dark and heavy too. Of course it came along with Mr Angry Wind that blew off almost anything on the ground. Pretty Strong Mr !

This is a shot taken early in the looks like a bulb glowing in the middle of the dawn. The effect is overwhelming..even I cant show it in the photo. Compared to the photo below the combination looks different..

More of the glowing the time goes it expands into a different colours and combinations in just 15mins!

This was taken on Saturday Evening while I was outing with my cousin from KL...It was raining heavily on the other side of Penang actually. But as soon as we arrived there, the rainbow showed up, as if he knows I want to shoot him. Love this feeling; Seeing a rainbow especially with loved ones.

And yes, the happiness ends there...just like 5 min or so. It rained cats and dogs, and we were stuck at Strait Quay Penang for like 1 hour plus.
Drastic Climate Change
In penang alone through out the week! 
One minute it smiles at us...the other like as if he was so upset.
So unpredictable.
But it seems the situation in Bangkok is even worst.
Lets pray hoping that everyone is oke...

P/s - I wanna thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to show The greatness of Nature so to be shared with others =D Alhamdulillah...

So guys and girls...dont ever forget your umbrella =D


Nurul Syafiqa said...

Gambar cantik :) Pakai camera jenis apa? Hehe baru nak belajar pasal photography ^^

farahD said...

Thanks DSLR tp biase jek...CANON 550D. gamba yg cantik tak semestinya bergantun pada camera..Camera just enhance the ability to take photos..all you need to know first is taking photos at the right position and angle =D. Sy self-taught photographer jek..try get books and read up. really helpful.

Schajar McFlurry said...

gonna be a busy week for you dear.. byk nyer program =)

farahD said...

Schajar : tuhla agak busy smpi 19nov nih hehe pening nihhhh =D stay in touchh

Wani said...

subhanallah! cantik dan moment yg jarang org dapat tangkap =)

farahD said...

wani: itulah kebesaran Allah..Alhamdulillah dpt jgk captured hehe

Amierah Nabillah said...

OMG cantiknya!! i have never in my life seen something like that first picture you have up there :O

Nurul Syafiqa said...

Thank you sis for your advice! Appreciate it. Sangat membantu. :)

Ummi Eeta said...

Woww..cantik gambar awak ambil..boleh share kat FB akak tak?

farahD said...

Ummi eeta: you can add kat facebook st ade letakkan jgk senang nk share =D

shafiqa : my pleasure dear..will help where i can =P

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