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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Read by Asian Geographic : Magazine review lagi best dan mantap !

As extracted from The Read website :

" Launching in 2011, ASIAN Geographic the read is dedicated to providing entertaining and educational stories from around Asia. Sit back, relax and learn about the people, food, culture and language of the region."

I just bought today at a bookstore and all I can say....I fall in love the first time I lay my hands on it !!!
This magazine is so damn inspiring...short, simple full of wonderful graphic and general knowledge...this magazine is a must for those who are dying for a simple and leisure reading and yet gain knowledge through it.

The front cover of the  6th issue for this year...finally issue for 2011

The best thing about this magazine are :

1. Just launched this early this you dont missed the coolest and wonderfulness that much since you can still catch up !

2. This magazine is bi-monthly..but I think starting 2012 they are going to publish 8 issues rather than 6 issues compared to 2011.

3. All the information/ facts are stated with good graphics, very fun and colourful. Straight forward and compact too! ( I dont enjoy reading lengthy information or fact details)

4. This magazine is compact, easy to carry around in your handbag. 

5. This magazine is divided in 3 sections which include : Relax/Experience, Aspire and Digest

6. The quality of the magazine is superb, the paper used is good quality selling at only Rm16/ issue...better paper quality than Reader's Digest ( oke maybe I exaggerate this hehe )

So why wait more...go get the copy now coz it's already in stores near you....!!!
I am soooooooooooooooooo gonna go regular with this one....adding to my ' must have magazines every month' hehe  ( siap suruh the bookstore simpan satu tiap2 bulan keluar okeh ! hehe)

Lets see some of the content I have taken personally =)

Nice huh?

and the best part is this one !!!!

Word smarttttt Im so in love with this section =))))))

Cheerios and have a blast weekend....hope you succeed in getting this copy ! 
Start the search now babeh !!!


OrenLimau said...

nice :)

ayah said...

thanks for sharing your view on the magazine. <3 plain love.

Ryha Feyzal said...

how much is this?
mcm menarik je. saya suka bacaan macam ni. maklumlah tinggal bujang, rumah takda astro.

farahD said...

thanks oren limau

thanks ayah =)

Ryha feyzal : its only rm16...ade kat most of the bookstore...baru jek launched this year..grab oke =)

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