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Monday, December 12, 2011

Review Ombak Rindu The Movie

Note:  I am not reviewing this as because many ppl did..but somehow this novel reminds me of my matriculation =) and i think it's worth reviewing the movie too

I went to watch the movie on 2nd December, yes on last Friday noon. The tix price is slightly lower than on weekends.  Went to watch with another guy...not my other half unfortunately (sampai tak pergi jumaat hehe nasib dia perantau/musafir kan? hehe) coz he's obviously working =P.

I was kind of excited before watching the movie coz I have read the novel long ,long time ago. (itu pun sbb room-mate time matrik ajak baca, which I dont really enjoy reading malay novels sbb terlalu melodrama but surprisngly..this one is kind of good =)..oh I miss my room-mates back in Penang Matriculation..I dont know where they are changed, terus lost contact =(   ) my disbelieve. It didnt turned out as I was expected...the movie was good, but not awesome. Didnt match the standard of the novel. Somehow it missed the firecrackers. 
Like celebrating new year, if it's not happening then it was probably because of there was no fireworks.

So I wonder where it when wrong. Later I found out that the author participation was minimum which it shouldnt have been the case coz I think the author has the capability to transform what she has imagined way better than the director himself...

She wrote the book right? not the director. 

So somehow the message is not delivered strong enough to give a huge impact to those who have read the novel. Anyway I gave 4/5 for the movie alone without comparing to the novel...if compared the star probably gone down 1 notch...3/5 =(

source: google image

Anyhow do you know that the Ombak Rindu has 2 sequels that followed after ? Yeay! I bought all the 3 books sometime ago and I can say ' Penatlah membaca'! The plots are complicated, plus too many issues...not good for light reading. But as an avid novel reader, it's worth reading =)  Althought it's complicated but the plot is nicely written and described.

See my personal collection? hehe dh berabuk dh kotttt =)

Erm the review seems a lil late..but heck I still wanna post this hehehe.
Have a wonderful week ahead y'all.

p/s I wanna make baju kurunglaaaa (will share about it soon)


Hairil Rizal said...

I will be waiting for it to be aired in Astro First though my daughter already watched with her aunts. Hehe

Yeah, I heard from those who have read the novel, the movie was missing that 'firecracker' display. Those who haven't read the novel might enjoy it better :)

farahD said...

Yes indeed..u said it well better dont read the novel before you watch the movie hehe

You wait for astro first then tell me what do u think about it personally yea ? =)

Juliet_iRa~" said...

heee..kaki novel juga yea?

farahD said...

Dear Juliet, sy layan novel tertentu shj...bukan avid reader for malay novel. =P

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