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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goal No.20 Achieved !!! Wohoooo..come home baby !

I have posted earlier about this goal-a trivia..only I didnt mention which goal.
See article entitled : In the verge of Fulfilling Goal....dated Feb, 28th

I am so excited because I have been waiting for soooooooooooooo damn long to get it done. (I really do mean longggg).
Well forget about all the waiting and troubles, I am announcing that I have successfully achieved my goal with my own hardwork ( of course what would I do without my dear naser for being the one who are dealing with the tokei kedai hahaha..I love u babeh)

I will definitely have some picture posted while we are messing with the NEW CANON 550D last NIGHT !!!!

Surprise ! Surprise ! I really do love surprises ! yeay ! I am grateful for giving me the opportunity to own the camera. Alhamdullillah.......

And do you guys know ? Having this camera giving me a whole new dimension to my dream world of photopoetry..and I love it ! Seriously I dont know how much I want to be so grateful but I am.

And I am on-look out for Polaroid Camera....yes I am ! Adding to my goal if you are following me, you should get them checked at all times ! Anyone who knows anything about polaroid do give me some comments yea !

All in all I am happy =) really HAPPY =P

Canon 550D My fiirst BABY..Our first Baby =P

Will Upload more pics soon the same post !

Syukur Alhamdullillah,

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