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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Scrapbook Project: A wedding Guestbook.

Hi peeps its been awhile...i know, i know...
So sorry for the delay and waiting yea.

Anyway here'a a good news..definitely for me too =P . I am uploading my first ever scrapbook project for business purposes which has been requested by my dearest friend Siti Shareeda for her wedding this coming 26th June in Ipoh =P....yeay ! Congrats to u n hubby dear... Before this I have done some scrapbook work but mainly for fun and as gifts and souvenirs to friends. Sometimes I get orders for free of charge doing cards and bookmarks for friends to give to their loved ones =p...So here I am happy to share my work with y'all...

the front cover..its a vintage style with some red crystal buttons to suit her wedding dress

the informality of the guestbook best portrayed with my own sketches of a wedding couple.

the perspective view =P

Well the price of guestbooks or any handmade works are really depends on what the client basically is expensive sometime because most of the items are imported huhuh....
but definitely it is negotiable...after all the satisfaction is all I seek for =P

I love handmades be it jewelleries, clothings and artworks =P

So perhaps next time you wanna have your or scrapbook or wedding guestbook..? dont be shy to drop me an email at for enquiries yea...

Glad to share will all..credits to Siti for giving me the chance to be the first to do her wedding guestbook +P

Muacckkkk love

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