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Monday, July 26, 2010

DIY Garden Wedding !

Oke2 cool down people...hahahah
I am not getting married...not any time sooner oke!

It is just an idea which I thought I wanna do long time ago...perhaps this idea might have save the budget but time consuming...

But I am so so into theme decorations..ever since I am in primary school setting up for science exhibition (which we eventually won) to secondary school for interact club on spanish theme for our exhibitionn again..then later in universiti when I lead the DU 6 (design unit 6) on our first year architecture exhibition at Pusat Warisan Penang again won (we used red highlights and fabrics for deco) up till now at this current state
......I just LOVE decorations..DIY decorations.

I have my trademark in decorating...those who was with me might be able to see my signature.  A ceiling decor like these photos below, I practically applied this concept almost in all my projects before, ever since I was in primary school until my final year dinner project.

So perhaps during my big day I wanna have my own touch with the help of my other half in making this big event a tend to appreciate more when you get involved in the process you know.=P

I called it :

DIY Garden Wedding.
Items needed: used bottles/ glasses,  light bulbs and candles , fancy cards and papers, metres of silk and bouquets of fresh flowers and some potted plants !

These Items I believed can be recycled and used later in our future house =P. I have yet to find out about the total budget but long as we can save more why not?

totally natural....i love light and plants...

paper cut...ermm this is a bit difficult but who cares..i m gonna do this! isnt it cute?

I love to hang things on the tree branches...its so classic...

This is what I mean...bottles and glasses used to be a candle holder..some paper cut for the effect.

hanging potted plants..gosh I love this.

Flowers and plants...just you and I =P

finally the flora arch with lights....I love it!

So now where should I apply my concept? Anyone can rent me their garden ? =P



Less is More said...

hi good day ! nice post you have . about this decoration they are beautiful . this add attraction to our home . it depends only on how you put it or the arrangement in order to fit it in your interiors and theme . like me i have some home and garden decors which i contrast with my garden accessories and garden spinner and they blend perfectly . lovely set up !

farahD said...

Hi lester donovan, yea I strongly agree with you..arranging the theme accordingly will definitely helps plus the right accessories..thanls for your comment. really appreciate stop by always =P

azsha said...

hye..kat mana erk laman web yg awak cari pasal DIY garden wedding..cantik lar yg mvm bunga tu..nk thu cara buat dye..

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