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Sunday, September 26, 2010

GOAL 48 and 41 !!!

Hello Princesses and Charmings,

As I have promised in my previous post I am here announcing that I have finally achieved
GOAL 41 and 48 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oke so here's the story.

Goal 48 - own A polaroid !
Date achieved- 1st September 2010 !

Beforehand, the reason I published the entry late coz I have to wait for the mother a.k.a Canon 550D to come home from other half brought it home to Mukah for him to take photos around his house for the first time using our 'baby'. Not anymore....the baby now has become a mother...and has a baby; blue polaroid. =P
I bought this cute and long awaited instant camera 7s at Komtar Penang after a long survey from multiple e-shop to retail shops in Penang. I save from last 4 months to actually buy this oke ! So I am all entitled to this cute bluey polaroid. (I know polaroid is just a brand name but still it is an instant camera so I still wanna call it polaroid tho its Fujifilm hahaha). I am so excited I actually finished the whole pack of film which consist of 10 new films in a box in an hour hahahahahaahhahaahaha

The film itself is much much more expensive than the camera. The film you can get it from RM25-28 per box. If you found any shops selling more than that THEN IT IS RIDICULOUS. So dont buy ! As a starter I have ;

1 Blue Fujifilm 7s Instant Camera with battery AAA
4 box of Film (10pc/box)
A bag or pink pouch for the camera
A black colour album (self made album) for the photos.

After taking the photos I was thinking of getting myself an album but its really hard to get one especially in Penang. Plus the one selling on e-shop not really worth it. Finally I made one myself where I can paste and write the captions as creative as I can. Interesting? hehehe

To do it I have to have a ring binding black paper album, a masking tape to tape the photos (masking tape is very friendly coz it will not damage the photos especially when you wanna take it off from the album) and some colourful metallic pens ! Simple and cheaper...

The album...

GOAL 41 - Invest in ASB !!!!
Date Achieved : 15th September 2010

I know this is kind of 'LAPUK' invest in ASB???? perhaps most of you already got your thousands of dividen from your savings...hahaah well 'its never too long as the scheme is there hahaha

I've been longing to do this...well since last year actually. I love to invest my money, but at this current state the only way that I can invest in, is my business and my savings. One thing about investment, you must know the reason and the target you wanna invest. You dont just simply invest for nothing or 'suka-suka'. Mine is erm I will not tell now ..still a secret unfold (for you)...wanna guess ? hahaha

So after getting some financial experts explaining the benefits and all (well the financial planner happens to be my sister's friend Izzati, how convenient is that ? getting advices without being paid...a lost for her perhaps but a win for me...jahat2 =p)

So here I go again...the a prove oke...not to show off la hehe...

So there you go ASB and A Polaroid

Next goal ?

Oke I have added another goal making it all together 52# goals to achieve now. I have added one of my dream goal which is to have a beautiful and simple beach or garden wedding.....when the time comes i shall explain and have its own diary for you all to read, a preparation that I would love to share from getting the cards and  invitations done to the reception's preparation =P

Erm apart from that I am also working on getting me and my other half insured ! Yes Insurance which is so important that perhaps most of us close one eye.  Plus getting an insurance at the late age is not really that worth. WHY ???? because you have to pay more to get the same amount as those who already paid before I am 30 to have an insurance covered almost the whole aspect in life is a thumbs up move !!!!

I am now surveying on whats best and whats not...Currently I have Prulink a.k.a Prudential Insurance which my parents have installed for me when I was a teenager and now I am continuing it.

I am eyeing on Great Eastern next ! My so called 'financial Planner Izzati said that GE and Prudential are among the top and they have a really good plan for people like me , you and you =p. She also said the more insurance you have the better coz when anything happens to you 'the claim, coverage and compensation'  that you'll get is more. Of course its provided that you have a very stable financial.

But for average people one will always do.

Oh yea and one more thing...for married couples please get a seperate insurance...really...dont take the combo package or what ever you call it..course its not worth the return...separate and you will get more coverage. Again I am not an insurance and financial planner but what I heard it is best that way. Anything please consult the person that knows better yea.

Loves to share,


Tun Teja said...

nak jugak polaroid...msti fun to have that...jelesnye..

farahD said...

tun bli tuh body shj RM280 tp tak lebih dr RM300 cuma yg mahal nye film die la 10 keping je RM25-28 tgk kedai tp best.kalo amik gamba candid mmg cantik kalo nk amik gamba bukan candid die tak cantik sgt...kumpul la duit mcm farah buat 3-4 bulan dh boleh bli =p

si mill said...

besh nye kak farah..suke nye tgk!! love it~ mau tgk gmbr2 yg kak farah amik gne camera tu..suke2!

farahD said...

thanks milli =P erm duit saving boleh la bli sikit2 hehe tp mmg best sbb this camera mmg sesuai untuk candid kalo formal, scenery or landscape ke not so untuk event yg ade org buat muke gile2 ha mmg best.

Oke millie i will post more of the photos nnt stay tuned =P

ezura evenstar said...

wow...i love it! always thought of having my own new camera since my camera yg lama tue dh...uzur...huhu kejap sakit kejap sihat...well mayb i can have this one for a starter before having the canggih one *wink*wink* gajiku...cpt laa masukkkkkkk~

farahD said...

Juju, hehe thanks sejak post byk yg nk bli jgk...jom buat group instant hehehe

beli la best tok candid u need to take like a few box of films jgk la before you can actually capture a real good photo of instant camera sbb you wanna try n error. Tp its fun thought the pic tak berapa jadi mula2 sbb its so candid and nostalgia. photos die akan mcm kekuningan sikit n thats why..I love yellowish photos =p

nanti dh bli bgtau la dlm entry =p am waiting =p

ezura evenstar said...

hehehe cool~ bley kiter xchange2 and sharing2 photo kn...i love it...its time for a 2nd hobby...i think dulu2 pnh ader amik pic using polaroid... x igt saper punyer during that time mhl pnjm sat org punyer utk merasa...

now since u have started using it... bley laa i join skali hehe...InsyaAllah,ader rezeki,i will buy it...

Effect dier lain skit cz it's classic mcm camera nyer kn2 hehe

farahD said...

betul juju last time it was damn expensive. I've been wanting this camera since my high school. After years...this model is one of the cheapest instant camera..finally........huhuh

sure once you have one we can share the photos hhehehe an effect die sgt kewl untuk org yg suka bercandid hehe

OrenLimau said...

akak,beli kat komtar?
kedai mane eh?

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