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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snippets for the week !

Salam and Greetings to all my beloved readers and followers,

I am grateful to be back here posting some new entries after awhile. Been a tough week although its only Thursday

But because a couple of holidays came visitting during the week so my entire 'cuti' was full of things to be done and accomplished.....balik rumah, uruskan this and that...wah so many-lah...hahahah

But I am delighted to inform that I have accomplished A GOAL in my list yesterday just for raya...but on the other hand I am truly sad by the fact that someone I loved has gone back home for a lil while...

News 1
Finally after a long planning and postponing, last Saturday, my family and I had our IFTAR together for the first time this Ramadhan at Nando's Gurney Plaza along with my other half....Alhamdullillah all went well and we were all happy plus my dad was kind enough to sponsor some 'baju raya' for the entire family.....It sounds weird I know coz all family practically will do that but for those who know me....they know why I said this.

Then on the Merdeka day we had our 2nd Iftar only at Pak Hussin Tom Yam at Sg.Ara....Again it was fantastic.

News 2
I am happy coz my other half and I  managed to complete the task (a secret mission) given (actually is more like a favour requested) by my best friend a.k.a Hyper during the Nuzul Quran Day...and earned some duit raya to help out my mum.

News 3
I have and finally achieved one of my goal in the list at the side bar just in time for Eid Mubarak...Will post a new entry before raya on this particular goal.

News 4
Finally, a sad news indeed but I am happy for him to be back to his family after other half went back home to Sarawak for Raya (almost like a month break). He took the flight yesterday and before he left me at the airport....I got a surprise; a simple note which I truly appreciate it deep down inside my heart..<<< She's almost weeping with joy at the airport >>>>...haih ! ("",)

A digital E-card...made by him...will surely miss him...muahhh

What a week,fuh


ezura evenstar said...

reading his note makes me wanna cry...honestly...that was very sweet of him...i'm happy 4 u dear... may ur relationship will last till the end~ ^_^

farahD said...

juju, thanks for stopping by. indeed, it was one of the sweetest moment, nak teriak dh tp kat airport segan plak kami huuhuh..thanks again for ur wonderful wish...Amin. Hope all goes well as planned. =P You

ezura evenstar said...

uish jgn teriak2 naa...nnti xcomel laa hahaha takpe keep that tears for his return plak k~ maser tue nangis gumbira hehehe =P

farahD said...

Juju, thanks huhuh Ko start cuti bila juju? lame ke cuti?

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