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Friday, October 1, 2010

Snippets of the week !

Snippet 1

As I was driving and listening to I heard a news that DONALD TRUMP will be running for Presidency. What??  Him being a US president? and I also heard from the news that many of his voters support his decision mainly because he cares for his country. Well I am not too sure about him running the country, but perhaps with his leadership skills that he possessed might after all help him in managing the country....for better or for worst ?  In time we will see =P

So what do you think ?

For more dig up Today Online

Snippet 2

I am officially announced that if there is anyone interested in having their own personal photoshoot, I can conduct specially for you with the best price in town ! But only in Penang...

Me and my other half will make an ease for you all...all you have to do is pick a location and pose ! Dont know how to pose...dont worry we will guide you through.

Personal Photo Shoot/ Mini Occasions
Session : Personal Shoot - 1 hour
                Mini Occasions - Depends
Price: We have different price for Raw photos and edited photos. You can pick either one.

Snippet 3

Watching Amazing race Asia Season 4 (the latest one) really brings a good laugh to me. It was so funny looking at how these Asians can act so normally and ignorance of the fact that they are being watched by billions of people around the world.

All the rumble and grumble, complaints,shouts, noise, whimpering and whining...oh just got to watch this....seriously it is funny.

I definitely support the Malaysian teams; Khairie and Ethan (team 1) and Hilda and Ivan (a very funny seriously)

Watching it  tonight for the next episode of ARA Season 4! Cant wait.....

Cha cha

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