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Thursday, November 11, 2010

TAG Membawa Padah =p

I've been TAGGED !!! (for the first time hahaha)

Oke I've been tagged by can find her here : Momento AkmaFaizal

 'Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tagged the person who tagged you. If I tag you, its because i want to know more about you. But before that you have to name your entry 'Tag Membawa Padah' oke !

1. Farah Diyana Azizan who loves lomo and polaroid.
2. A left-handed person
3. A day dreamer LOL
4. I have a funny nick name when I was in high school JIJANA= DIYANA (clearly my friends didnt have much to do hehehe..oh how I miss them !)
5. First child of Azizan's Family

6. I love design...I can design almost anything from cards, events , programme and even architecture. Well not a great one of course..a mediocre at the moment hehe still learning.
7. By far, my schooling life has been the most memorable moments in my life. Coz I've experienced a lot of thing at that time.
8. I am into dancing, cooking and also music.....I used to dream of becoming a talented dancer like the one in STEP UP ( but bare in mind the idea happened way before Step up movie was on aired.)
9. Very outspoken in real life.
10.When I was in school back then, they always called me 'makcik farah' hahaah coz they thought I talked so can i not? I was a prefect hahahah I need to advise my dear schoolmates not to break the rules. I know breaking the rules is something that is fun right ?

11. Dream of opening my own boutique and have my own brand...but its way too far from the first step.hahaha
12. I love ice-cream especially choc and pizza too =p
13. I love writing started when I was in Form 1, I would wrap the log book with fancy wrapper and some stickers plus some photos just to spice up the cover.
14. I am a sentimental-freak who loves to get frisked and a nerve wreak too...
15. Most of my inspiration comes when I'm driving or bizarre is that? hahaahah

16. I love Tun Mahathir, Princess Diana and Queen Rania..
17. Clumsy sometimes =P
18. I love handmade items and I started making  handmade crafts since I was small. I used to make bookmarks and birthday cards for friends and sometimes I sold my design for some extra income. The lowest price I've ever made was RM 1...enough to get me an ice-cream at that time =p
19. I am also into poetry..english poetry coz my mum too. She loves RUMI.
20. Black , Pink and Red are my fav ray of light.

21. Tried to play piano when I was in my sophomore year  but eventually I stopped coz my schedule didnt fit in the training. =(
22. I dont know how to swim ...but I act like one when I am in a pool hahahaah
23. I hate Yellow
24. 7 is my lucky number
So now I also need to tagged other 25 fellow bloggers and they are (damn its a long list can i skip?) :
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thanks for stopping by +p


Bulan said...

thanks 4 da tag dear..
ehee.Bulan da wat b4 dis..ehee
so,excuse la ek.ehee
nway thanks ya! ;)

Anonymous said...

aww..thanks so much sbb sudi dh pernah buat..t godeh2 la blog 2 tgk ye..lau ade tag soalan cm ni tag je kite..hehe mmg suka buat tag soalan..hehe..thanks btw :)

haszuraidah ishak said...

thanks for the pon dah buwat..nak tengok? klik sini..

ezura evenstar said...

walawei...fara...why me fara??? why me???? huhu guess i have to spend a little time for this thing laa kn... hahaha ^_^

Tun Teja said...

tagla plak...nanti i buat oke...

OrenLimau said...

thanks sis! :)

Hairil Rizal said...

Thanks a lot sbb ingat kat Warlord when it comes to the tag!

Warlord dah buat somewhere last month. Can check it out there..siap buat 35 items lagi instead of 25!

BTW, my favourite number too!

akmafaizal said...

wah kreatif dlm segala hal le dia ni. i like :)

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