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Friday, December 31, 2010

The old is leaving soon, giving the new a place to stay =p

Helloo Fellow Bloggers and Friends,

Well the title is a lil melodramatic isnt it?
I am feeling like one actually....

This whole year has been pretty much challenging, so much to be done and so much to be sacrificed.
I started the year 2010 with my masters registration, and I had my self-launched blogshop F'perfumes and Art the following month (February). I had my first car on April and I moved out to my new apartment the following month which happened to be my birthday. Had the simplest birthday celebration first time without my father and ever since then I've been busy doing my research up until now. Oh not forgetting I've got 2 babies this year ; A canon 550D and Fujifilm Polaroid too. I managed to achieve a few goals if not many and Alhamdullilah I feel so fortunate to be doing and achieving what I've been longing to have/own.

So much to say, so much to tell but I can say this whole year has brought me up to a new level..I started thinking of marriage hahahah (for goodness sake people has been asking me everytime I go to occasions...I will tell when the time comes..perhaps a few years time? =P) I also started to think of my future financial investment and savings, planning this and that hahaha but all in all it was a great year for me and family.

I wish 2011 will bring new adventure and experiences.
I really do hope that my masters too will finish on time with not much hassles...please do pray for me yea.

But what do I have installed for 2011? Lets take a look ;

- Finish my masters with excellence.
- Have my own birthday party =P for the first time and the last perhaps. Never had one before really. Only family celebrations.
- I thought of upgrading my polaroid gadgets.
- I planned to have an insurance between feb or march. Already had one with prudential. just taking extra. =P
- I planned to have a vacation to Singapore end of next year.
- Expanding my creative artwork and photography to expos or campaigns hehhe

Thats all the realistic dreams I have at the moment. So if u have any, care to share with me? hehe

p/s pleaseee ignore the typo error =P

I love you all n my prayers will always be with u,

p/s pleaseee keep ur votes coming in okeeeeee.....really need it.thanks a bunch .


Nur Zaheera said...

:D happy new year !

farahD said...

dear, thanks for stopping by yea...btw vote me oke.really appreciate that =p

Lady Glam Bam said...

I ttly voted for u! Love ur blog! So fun!!

Iryd and Pitt's little diary said...

happy new year!

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