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Friday, January 7, 2011

A busy Queen bee !

Indeed I am !

Hello from me..virtually =)

Since my brother transfered from Seberang Perai to Penang island, staying with me, I've been juggling so many household chores including taking and sending him to school...really like a nanny, indeed I am.

Oh dear, so, so many things to do and yet so little time.
I am also busy preparing for my write up and final analysis. Oh goodness....please I need to be strong and keep motivating myself so that I wont loose control or even breakdown =P.
The first week of the year 2011 has been indeed a big change in my life. Well apart from having a new routine, I have new goals and target to achieve just like i did the previous years. To start off, the new year weekend I went to my dear friend's wedding, K.fasha and we had a small reunion with my ex-studiomates. It was wonderful ! The rest of the week been busy doing my other work =P...

I apologize for the little update but I will find time it making it a routine just like before. Perhaps I have to post a few entry at the same time and publish each of the entry on a different day...sounds good eh?

I am going to take some photos tonight...I think my blog is a lil dull without my latest 'super-colourful' photos eh? heheheh sorry for the self-compliment hehehe....

So here's the peek of the week !

My ex-studiomates !

Sorry not much photos dont have the time to do it all hehe...but stay tuned will post more of my latest photos soonnnnnnn !!

Cheers and Happy weekend !!!!

p/s~ I need Mr. Courage, Mr.Motivation and Mr.Strong back in my office ASAP !!!!!


dhiyalova said...

akak, bagi motivasi kat dya gak.thesis tak sentuh ape lagi neh..huhu

Hairil Rizal said...

All the best with the juggling work Farah!

Poyaty said...

wahhh, gudlak, ari tu menang x?

farahD said...

dhiyalova: yeke ?jom sama2 memotivasikan diri wokeh! hehe u skul mana ek?

hairil: thanks yea!

poyaty: hehe busy la dik oi...byk sgt keje. arituh menang no 2 jek heheh anyway thanks yea for voting..muah2...

dhiyalova said...

biological sciences..hehehe ^^ ok sis! thanx!!

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