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Monday, January 10, 2011

Harem Night !

Salam to all and Hello Fellas ! 

It took me some time to publish entries but Alhamdullilah I am done with this one. Nothing much to share actually. I am posting this entry as a way to promote my soon to-be-released- the-not-so-great entry. I've been invited by Amber as a guest blogger to publish an entry about my Party Attire less then USD 100 (the muslim way of course; decent and appropriate but fun =P ) 
I will share the entry once it is completed....I'm almost there, just be patient yea =P.
In the mean time enjoy the preview which is mostly about me enjoying myself in Harem Pants hahahah

Btw Harem Pants is like the one in Disney's character, Princess Jasmine's wearing. 

So u get roughly the idea right? I love wearing those cotton pants!

All the attire and accessories are from my wardrobe's collection ...cant afford to purchase new outfit to mess around with =(
But wait, where's the Harem pants photos ?? 
Cheers !
Note from me: 
Speaking of wardrobe I am letting go some of my used and new shawls. If interested inform me oke girls! 
 These are the collections I HARDLY use (once or twice only) and new (which i bought but then dont hv the intention of wearing them) what a waste..farah2 (shaking head)


cacing said...

wa... nice picture la.....pakai camera ape ni??

farahD said...

sy pki camera canon 550D =P thanks for the compliment =P

farahD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hairil Rizal said...

Lighting in the photos are nice. Mmg ada lighting ke edit in editing software?

farahD said...

hairil: I was at my balcony and standing directly under the orange light. I did edit the photo just a tiny touch for better exposure and putting my signature in it =P.

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