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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Post is out !

Askm and Greetings to all !

First things first,

Hows your Saturday going? Hope you guys had a great fun. I mentioned before about me being the guest blogger right ? So wanna take a look at the not-so-great piece-of mine? Peek here SSOUQ

My weekend is a lil boring. Not much activity but I managed to pull out a photo session and the photos will be uploaded realllllllll soooooon...wait for the teaser oke =p

Anyway as the week goes, I'm kind of excited and thrilled as I am counting down the days for a special day. Yup, a special day indeed. I am planning for a surprise and I hope it will turn out well, and if it did, definitely will tell you guys in no time so stay with me in awhile oke  =D

Other than that, I've been wanting to review my personal goals into 2 sections; achieved and soon to be achieved which will be in another post.

So there u go so much to tell and yet so lil time...< the typical saying goes la la la> but dont fret, you will be happy when the first part is out !

Muahhh, guys u better take care of yourself, coz if you dont, you gonna miss my up coming entry!


ezura evenstar said...

great job on being fashion consultant hehe ;)

its simple and stunning in its own ways...

maybe soon we both can share our ideas on fashion with the title "....attire less than USD100" ??

sounds interesting isnt it?? ehehe

*tetiber dpt idea... ;)

SSouq said...

Assalamu Alaykum :)
Thanks Farah for the awesome post. OMG only $47 !!!


farahD said...

juju hehe not so much of a fashionista la..just a starter before becoming like one hehehe

amber: sorry amber..been postponing the article for like ages i think! so so sorry and really hope u do like it yea...stay in touch amber dear.

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