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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February and March To do list !

When it comes to goals I can get so so excited !
Why shouldnt I ? Lets take a look ....~

First and foremost I've added 2 new goals in my List of Goals which are :

56# Watch Live Comedy Performance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why I get so excited suddenly ? Well I heard about this comedy club through last few days when Andrew Netto came live for the Pagi Show, I had a really good laugh hearing his jokes. All of a sudden it hit me, man I wish I could go at least once to a comedian show live anywhere in Malaysia and you know when  it hit, it really hit me and I'm gonna go for it....

Sadly I missed their show ( I didnt get to book their tickets, not enough saving so will wait till the next one coming =D) which will be held at the Zouk this weekend I think. 
For more check this website ! The Comedy Club

57# Do my first  manicure and pedicure !
Perhaps this one would probably make some people thinking like  ~ "what in the world? manicure and pedicure? so so yesteryears"~ Fine ! blame it on me but what the heck, I dont care I still wanna have it once at least, in my entire life ! hahahaha
~p/s currently surveying the best place and price =D~

So that just 2 of the new ones at the moment will definitely update it from time to time =D

Right  !!!  Now lets take a look at what I'm gonna do and have to do this 2 months !

~1. Cut my hair~
I'm so gonna get my ears lowered perhaps in the next few weeks....

~2. Start Planning for my budget and private Birthday party.~
It is still a few months early, but you know...I dont come from a filthy rich family so I need to save in order to make it real. Still havent decide on whether I should do in a large group or just a few close friends (private party). Need to look at the budget again. 
Worst comes to worst, it would only be me and my dear celebrating my birthday! hahaha

~3. Settle with my Insurance~
When you get older, you just got to make sure that you are that no one need to suffer if anything should happen. So my plan will effectively start this coming March. Alhamdullilah.

~4. Design my artwork business card and stamp ~ DONE ! 26th Feb 2011
Alhamdullilah, my business card is expanding lil by lil as well as my Batik Sarawak coz I've been getting orders a lot last few weeks. So you know, when your business is expanding you just gotta have all these necessities so that people will give a good impression =D..yea talking about branding.....~drooling~

 ~5. Re-organize my stuff !~
 Lately my room is a total mess.
Everytime I clean it up... the mess comes back...clean it again, mess comes again...non-stop. Shish!
I really needddd to have a proper drawer or wardrobe or something like that. 
My stuff is so so a lot....where can I find a cheap but good quality drawer ?
I bet its a helluva search in Penang !

I should end it here....too much to handle.
Oh I really need an assistant =D..<< being a lil dramatic >>>>

Oh before I go...take a look (again) at my latest photography project =D

Nice eh ?



Hairil Rizal said...

Lots of things to do there really. Nampak mcm simple tapi the birthday party tu aje is a big event to plan :)

BTW, pixels in the pix tu mmg nampak awkward sket. Nice concept anyway!

farahD said...

En hairil, tuh laa byk kan? citer2 jek lebih tp tak tahu la jadi ke tak nya hehehe aah la pixel gamba tuh mmg out so i've replace it =D its an infrared photo =D

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Zainab said...

nice pictures. Really lovely

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