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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More of Scrapaperclip !

Wow its a busy march indeed for me.
With all the datelines coming up I am just out of hand !

But friends and lovelies, fret no more cause I am here to post some fresh new entries all done by my artwork craft department (hahah like I have so many departments..I dont even own an office )
Anyway enjoy !

Greeting Cards !

A birthday card from her to him
The inside view

A thank you note

Inside view

Another Birthday card from her to him. This one special coz it has 3 pages and its hanging...I mean u can hang it anywhere you like =D see the pic below

Hanging Card =D

A thinking of you card

Thank you cards

I love you cards for all occasions !

CD Cover for Wedding Gifts

A 3D CD cover as a wedding gift.

There you can personalized your message with CD attached to it.

Photo Album

A gift to her husband

The front cover of the album which is made of natural materials and of recycled papers.

The first page look

Inside view

other pages that I have decorated personally for her.

I hope you like all of the designs which I personally customized for my clients according to their budget.
Above are only parts of my samples/artwork done for my previous clients =D.
All designs will not be repeated unless requested and the availability of remake is totally depending on whether the material of card stock is available or not.

For more of my designs and coding for orders kindly go to my facebook page at

 Any orders and enquiries kindly email me at
For orders , please allow 4-5 days for me to complete it (as I am juggling my work as a student as well =D)
Will post more from time to time yea.
Oh yea these photos are also available at my blogshop too : My Perfumes and Art

I love art work, do you ?

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