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Monday, March 14, 2011

Please keep yourself update with internaional news !

I saw Juju's posting on the Japan's Nuclear Explosion,
Indeed it reminds me too of the Chernobyl Disaster.

It totally freaks me out.

I should do the same by reminding all my fellow friends to always update yourself on Japan's condition.

As for 11a.m Tuesday, while I was watching CNN the details came out about:
1. The 2nd explosion on the 2nd reactor at the power plant station which somehow has rocked the other 3 reactors containment structure.
2. Now evacuation is the process for area as far as 3oKM radius from Fukushima .
3. The status of radiation has rise up to a level can ' impact human health'
4. Chernobyl impact is possible now but the workers are trying their best to cool down the reactors by using seawater.
5. If the other 3 reactors exploded the impact can be 3 times higher.
6. The earth in Japan has moved to 2.4 because of the earthquake.
7. Very High risk of further release of radioactive material.

** above information might not be precised...please keep yourself informed via online or TV news oke.

You can al so update at  afp, reuters as mentioned by cik melur desa
Now with all that info in my head I am kinda scared and devastated with the situation in Japan.
Lets pray that Allah protects us from all the possible conditions that can impact us.

Please keep yourself update with news all around the world be it CNN or BBC or Al-Jazeera or any local news available online or TV.

Praying hard,


cik melur desa said...

update dr afp, reuters, pon ok.. much easier.. :)

betul, bile amik tau dgn world news, baru kite rase masalah kite kecil jer.. i hari2 kene buat stori luar negara, sedih..

farahD said...

cik melur aka intan: hehe thanks for the info i update the info kat my blog post dh thanks ek. tuhla when we look at the big scale baru la terasa kecik huhhu sympathy for japanese...hope all get well very very soon.

Dhya said...

hai Farah...
nanti jumpa 26 nie yer...
sue tag farah untuk contest "senyum"...

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