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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shutters and papers ?

Happy Monday Y'all
Yeay nobody likes mon oke.

Anyway wanna share some ideas with y'all in my latest design of handmade cards by Scrapaperclip yea.
Hope this cheers you up =D
I am currently working on the blog specially made for Scrapaperclip.
Might take sometime.
But once done you can easiy browse through the blog for codings and orders =D. Temporary all cards by Scrapaperclip and orders will go through this blog and this one My Perfumes and Art

So be patients yea...or incase you guys wanna to lend me a hand in designing the background and header ? hehehehehe  will credit to you definitely =D

So cut the crap lets take a look whats install for this week :

  Birthday Wish card with some artistic touch like painting =D
1 available.
Your personal message goes inside.

Wedding Congrats.
Available for remake

3 layers card for Anniversary
It can hang on almost anything or pin up.
3 pages of different sizes with your personal message inside
Available for remake.

New and latest Design by Scrapaperclip !!!!!

Mini Shutter Cards !
Left : 8 pages Shutter Card
Right : 4 pages Shutter Card.
1 available
 Long Shutter Card.
4 pages on each side
1 available to be customized inside and front cover.
Suitable for all occasions !
Size: 13.5cm x 9.5 cm
Mini Shutter card with 4 pages. (2 front and 2 back)
1 available to be customized inside.
Suitable for birthday gifts.

1. Shutter cards can stand on its own on desk or office table or just anywhere you wanna place them.
2. It can be made as mini love journal/ diary/photo album to be sent to your loved ones or personal use =D
3. The size is 13.5 x 9.5 cm (can be designed slightly bigger than the size given)
4. Envelope upon request.
5. Suitable for all occasions !
6. I call this shutter card a multi-purpose card ! 

I can design more than this. So if you wanna have a custom made cards this is the place !
Interested email me at
I would be happy to entertain  you with my latest design at anytime !!!!!
For more of the photos and collections go to my facebook page

Hope it makes you happy !


Cik Embun said...

semua cantik... i like...

Anonymous said...

waaa! cantik!! suke2! ;)

Piah Becok said...

santekkk... hnsss... cepat la siap. bole oder hihi

farahD said...

piah becok: dear kad tuh semua dh siap...if berminat email sy oke =D
nonoy + embun: thanks darling for the compliment =D

kyle said...

cantek shutter card d cnie!!!

areniszz said...

cik nk oder kad brthday boleh...mcmane ek??

areniszz said...

cik nk oder kad brthday boleh...mcmane ek??

farahD said...

dear you boleh add me in facebook untuk sample2 design atau email me at

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