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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update on my list of THINGS TO DO .

If you read my previous post in here  right, I have a few things listed down for me to finish up by end of March. Some I managed to complete , however for the rest of the items I have failed to accomplished.

So here's to what I have achieved :

1. ~4. Design my artwork business card and stamp ~ 
 Yes Alhamdullillah I did it with no problem at all. Now I am working on the blog. designing the header and stuff, hoping to be published by end of this year. Will keep you posted about that oke.

2. ~3. Settle with my Insurance~
I am proud to be a Great Eastern Client =D , thanks to Izzati for that. She will be my personal advisor cum friend for insurance. Its easy to have insurance with your friend, coz you can ask her a lot of things out of office hours plus prompt reply ~ I like that. Makes my life so much easier. =D

3. ~1. Cut my hair~ 
Yea I am gonna get my ears lowered this weekend for GOOD ! hahaha my hair is like a total mess....for the fact that it is sooooooooo long and curly. =D I can opt for a role of pontianak FOC =D

Thats about it...3/5 things accomplished...kudos for me? Nah I dont think I deserve it....

Things I have FAILED to accomplish.
1. ~2. Start Planning for my budget and private Birthday party.~
2.  ~5. Re-organize my stuff !~ 

These 2 things above are technically hard to accomplish. First it consumed so much of my time, and as for the re-organizing my stuff;  I need like a new set of wardrobe to stuff my items. Now I know that my stuff is damn a lot !!!!
I wanna do a car boot sale, but I have no idea where to go to...if you do know where I can do that PLEASE tell me. My birthday party? I guess I have to put that on hold till further notice, need a good planning and survey so its a NO-NO for now...unless some one volunteer to do it for me (^^,)

Having said that, it sums up all of things which I wanna convey through my writings =D....bad performance...who said I dont need personal KPI ? hahahahahah its a spearhead for me !

Cheers and Happy Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


La Petite Cherie said...

Hi babe :)) We have the same name hehe stumbled upon your blog!! I'm a convent girl too hehe

farahD said...

Hi darling, you r from convent too? May i know who are you exactly? huhuh sorry cant recall a friend having the same name...except for a junior Farah Diana, she's from convent too. A friend of my sis. Hey stay in touch oke. Gr8 to see you here blogging =D

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