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Monday, May 16, 2011

Guestbook in the making !!!

Hollaaa !

So many of you have been asking about my I guess this is about time to release one. Actually not finalize just yet..waiting for clients' confirmation.

This guestbook is 100% handmade...from the book to the detail of the design and decorations.

The colour is slightly different than the original which is blush pink...not so striking as it seems.

These samples above is the not completed just yet...waiting for clients' confirmation....will upload more once the work is done yea =D

The details of guestbook

Hardcover Journal White Linen Fabric Cover (colour of fabric you can decide, but need to check the availability first)
90gsm White
Size A5 ( approx = 21.5cm x 15.3cm)
Binding: 3 Ring Binding
Pages: 200sheets (helai) = 400 pages (mukasurat)
*** pages you can reduce but to add more is not possible, limited by the size of the ring ***

What is included with the purchase of the guestbook: 
1. Decoration of front cover with the bride and groom's name (date by request)
2. Tabs of guestbook which will be attached at the side of the page. Tab is actually a division for section like family, relatives, friends and etc...max 5 tab..more than that additional cost.
3. Hand sketches for each tab assigned.
4. Comes with patterned box and wrapping, suitable as gifts to someone special.

****** Delivery Charges is not included but for delivery using pos laju is RM8-10 depends.******

Hence it is a lil time if you guys wanna order as gifts or even as a wedding guestbook, kindly inform me 3-4 weeks ahead or the worst I can go is 2 weeks...
This particular guestbook can actually be turned into a sketch book or perhaps a note book.So it depends really...

This is the original guestbook before the decorations.

Anything kindly email me at !


Syahirah Suhaili said...

creative nyer! cantek :D

Ieja zukhi said...

cantikknyer....=)nak satu..hehe! nk free boleyh??hehe

farahD said...

syahirah, thanks =D
ieja, heheh nk free ke? kalo u purchase anything leh la bg discount hehe =D

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