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Monday, May 16, 2011

It was the simplest celebration i've ever had, but the most meaningful I've ever felt :: Post Birthday Report


The title is enough to tell everything I've wanted to share =D...
I am not trying to be so chirpy over this small celebration, seriously...its nothing fancy.
But the fact that my other half really put his effort in making my one and only biggest birthday card I've ever had put me in tears....That very day I received it with open heart.
The card or better known as poster was printed in an A0 plus size glossy paper...Its a collage of our old pictures made into a shape of us with some meaningful wordings. 
It was mesmerizing. Beyond expectation.
The wordings are so simple, short and sweet....makes me pause for a second, trying to absorb what is written on the card-poster. 
I am speechless in other words.

What makes me wonder is that, he's not that type of a romantic person...not that type of a ladies' man...but seeing him doing what he just did...shows that no matter how bad he is in this romanticism....
if  he loves you so much, he will do it anyway.
No pain , No gain.

14th May 2011

That day, we went out early to have breakfast together at a restaurant, then chit-chatting for like 2 hours there discussing about a few things (but most of it...erm I cant even remember, must have been something unimportant hahaha) and then later during lunch we went to Gurney Plaza, heading towards the secret recipe for a cake and a choc sundae...a sweet replacement for a cake,indeed ! hah...actually not a good combination, coz both of the delicacies are damn sweet...(d'uh !)

So much of's the moment captured in pictures !

The card-poster !

 The biggest card I've EVER HAD

 The details to form the collage

More zoom in

From top is the overall look of the card and as you scroll down you can see the details made inside the card (consist of mini pictures compressed) to form a collage which eventually will form the overall picture =D

this pic was taken at home ...

 What he gave me...seriously I need a new bag, I guess he knew and it's about time to have a good one =D

We went for a breakfast...then later headed to Gurney Plaza for a cake ! Nothing fancy =D

Hows that for a face ! hahaha

The sweetest moment of 2011, a choc indulgence cake with ice lemon tea to compliment and yes along with a choc sundae....the sweetest I've ever had...not really a good combination. But heck. who cares hahaha
I ate the cake and he ate the sundae, later we budget ! haha

And the rest is just about cam-whoring hahaha....
it was fun together !

Erm nuff said ! Thanks to those who wished me on came non-stop in my facebook page...I am so honoured and happy coz at that very moment, there are people, friends and family that remember this special moment in my life. How grateful I am to be in the circle of relationships.

Thanks again...and I pray that all of us will have a happy life, with new experience to be discovered with our loved onesss =D

<< Hugs and Kisses >>


shahniefa said...

how did u do d collage? so detail. so sweet.... :)impressed!

farahD said...

dear shahniefa, I myself have no clue on how he did it...he just doesnt want his secret to be revealed especially with me the b'day girl hehehe =D thanks for the comment =D

shahniefa said...

hehe ok i got it. by d way u both so comel together. hope ur relationship will last forever. :) peace!

cik melur desa said...

eh..y soo sweet?! huhu.. smoga jodoh berpanjangan... majlis nti jgn lupe jemput! :)
hepi belated birthday farah..

farahD said...

cik melurrrr hehe sorry late reply, thanks for stopping by. sure nnti kenduri pasti jemput ek heheh thanks for the wish again =D muah

farahD said...

shahniefa, thanks for the compliment yea heheh =D

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