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Monday, May 9, 2011

I guess this could be one of my humble come back after awhile : Mother's Day Celebration !

Hi fellas !
Its a bit dusty in here dont you think? Might need a bit clean up before we go...but perhaps the cleaning can be done just by uploading some of my latest design for the recent celebration of Mother's Day !

Hope you like them !
For coding and more of the photos kindly visit my facebook badge yea !

Mother's Day Order !

Alhamdullilah I managed to complete all 12 units of Mother's Day Card for this particular design.
This card involves watercolour wash techniques and some quilling. 
The use of pink colour gives a sweet warmth feeling...suitable for this occasion =D

This order was from a junior of mine...wanted it to be slightly different with the last minute order.
Glad she likes it =D

Other Occasions !

 Overall view
Hanging card with 3 layer pages tied with twines =D
A love from sister to a sister...celebrating her big sister's birthday !

 2nd page view
3rd page view
The beauty of this 3 pages card  is that the empty spaces is always enough to put anything,from photos to poems and etc ! Just be creative =D


This one particular card was a gift from me to dearest friend iati for her sister;s wedding day.
White and red mark the mood of excitement and purity.

 Just Married...a word that all newly weds love !

This order is made to be something more than just a card.
A gift from a friend to another friend celebrating her big day....she wanted the card to be hang and used as decoration even after the occasion has finished...marking the word ' Just Married' =D

Since end of April till now I am busy preparing loads of stuff....
My life is taking a sharp corner, need to be careful while I am driving...
Nevertheless, I still find sometime making cards...
Yup..when u love what u r doing, you will always find the time to make it real !

Enjoy some of my latest dish....orders by a few customers..
May is definitely full of occasions !

 3 layer cards, with 3 pages in different sizes

A card of combination, a double celebration...Birthday and Anniversary !
From her to him thats why the design was less girlie hehe

A touch of pastel pink and doily can never go wrong up with a couple of paperflowers !
A design for my fav client hehe kak Iznurul ! A big fan of mine hehe

2 page card w/o folded....wanted to create a different 

Erm so much of my humble aight hehehe yea its been awhile so bare with me yea.
Will post more on whats going on tonite !


Izzaty Ishak said...

OMG! Cantek gilaaaa semua kad tuh. U're very creative, sis! Suka-suka! :D

farahD said...

thanks izzaty ishak heheh jom2 usha lg hehe

iZzuDdin said...


tersangat2 lawa la kad nye....

farahD said...

dear izzudin thanks for the compliment...=D do pass the work around yea hehe

Rose said...

Darling Farah.
Cantik sangat farah buat, serious!
keep it up :)

It's called Excited yet Nervous

farahD said...

Kak donna, thanks for the compliment...truly appreciate it.makes me wanna do more beautiful and creative things in future..thanks akak !

Rose said...

most welcome :)

It's called Excited yet Nervous

farahD said...

yea indeed =D thanks again !

farahD said...

kak naser is looking for job in inform me if there's any vacancy yea heheh =D

Rose said...

Really? There was, actually. I'll find out.
Will let you know.

btw, why Sarawak? hehe

It's called Excited yet Nervous

farahD said...

hehe well my bf is actually a melanau from mukah, thinking of returning home before we could actually settle down... =D

Rose said...

lol. didn't know that. I was wondering why on earth people want to live in Sarawak, unless they're Sarawakians. lol. I'm not saying Sarawak is no good though. I enjoy living here. Safe and comfortable. Who needs to go to the mall. Now that you can always go shopping online. lol. (Lani kepala otak dok ingat nak shop je)

Are you saying that both of you are planning to live here?


It's called Excited yet Nervous

farahD said...

seriously? hehehe do inform me oke incase there's vacancy...btw u r staying in kuching? ur office as well is it? ermm in the long run. we might have to settle down somewhere in Sarawak. Have no idea hows life over there hehehe =D

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