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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Celebrating Georgetown Festival !

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Dont be Jealous !!! =D
I am excited coz tomorrow we (my family, my dearest and I) will be having a trip to my fav place in Penang; Georgetown !
Pack with Cultural Dance, Artistic Fiesta, Food Galore...well just too many to mention here...but worth every penny and every time spend to visit !
You can simply go to Georgetown Festival for more info...from schedule to the programme detail.
The event will run the entire month with lotsa activities. 
From Art performance to Photography Exhibition...All sorts.

But as for tomorrow, we will participate in Tapestry of Cultures
This one will be running for three days. 
 To me the best part will be on Saturday 9th July coz there is lot of Open house and shoplots to visit.
In  other words, there will be a lot of tours going on that day. 
Cant make it on Saturday coz my aunties will be coming over to visit us.

So some of  tomorrow's Highlight will be : 

1. Open House: Public and Private Heritage Buildings 
Visit to some of the interesting places in Penang:
Take your pick: Light House, Fort Cornwallis, Yeng Keng Hotel, Muda House, Penang Gold Smith Association, Cheah Kongsi, Islamic Museum, St. George’s Church, Penang State Museum, Cheong Fatt Sze Mansion

2. Malay Cultural Exhibition and Performances
An exhibition in the Masjid Melayu History Gallery reveals the history of the Malay community of Penang.

3. Chinese Cultural Performance and Exhibition
An exhibition on the history of Penang’s Teochew clan and HanJiang Educational System, presented alongside cultural performances including grand Teochew Drums and Gongs, traditional Teochew opera and song, chinese orchestra, 24 Seasonal Drums, Harmonica music, traditional Chinese dance and Dragon Dance

4. Vintage Bicycle Ride
Fun parade showcasing the vintage bicycles.

5. Traditional Food & Craft Bazaar
Witness George Town for its ‘rojak’ best – a melting pot of clashing colours and flavours. A place all sorts crafts and handmade items sold here...oh notforgettign the  delicacies you dont find elsewhere !

6. Chinese Orchestra & Exhibition of Penang's Old Postcards
 Will be held at Cheah Kongsi, Lebuh Armenian.

7.  George Town Cultural Show   
This is my fav part of all; where George Town’s dancers come alive in this vibrant showcase of movement and music, featuring dance performances by members of local multi-ethic groups such as Indian, Chinese, Punjabi, Siamese and Peranakan communities.

If you browse through the webpage...there are lot of other activities listed but those listed above are those that I will definitely go (hopefully have enough time to run for all of them).


Happy Heritage Day !

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