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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Georgetown Festival : The Peranakan Mansion

7th July is Penang's World Heritage Day to commemorate the inscription of George Town on the UNESCO World Heritage Listing on 7th July, 2008.

Its an annual event (hence the 7th July Holiday every year) with a feast of theatre, music, dance, film, art, opera, food, fashion, photography, and inspirational talks. It is a way to celebrate George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and to showcase the unique diversity of our culture and heritage. So this event will be running from 1st July to 31st July with lots of activities and events to participate; different on each day.

However 7th July is a whole different celebration because as I have mentioned it is a day where Penang is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site, so the event is more diverse and compact compared to other days; plus its a holiday , so the Penangites get to celebrate from morning till late at night.

Last year, I get to participate in a lot of activities since its only my other half and myself. But this year, the whole family is going. So you know when its too many, nothing much you can do coz when 1 person starts aching, the other one will start complaining asking us two ( my other half and myself) to slowdown...(penat la, laparla..) hence we have many stops!

That 7th morning my mum especially was so thrilled. So the morning kicked off with our first visit to the Peranakan Mansion, a must visit spot for tourist...especially. You can go to this link Pinang Peranakan Mansion to find out more what is Peranakan coz I dont want to make my post lengthy for you all to read.

We were lucky that day coz we have a tour guide to give explanation about the house, just my family (thats the beauty of coming early hhahahha). So a couple of photos to show you a lil about the house and what we did on that day.
Before we went in to the entrance I explained a lil bit about the door. The door is actually imported from China. handcrafted with absolute detail of ornaments that resemble the chinese culture. Peranakan is also known as the Baba and Nyonya in Malacca where the Chinese will wed the Local or Malay hence the mix culture.

The fella on left hand side is the one that gave the explanation and tour inside the house. This house costs approx. millions oke...because most of the things in the house are original, including the furnitures and all the decorations; a set of collections owned by the owner who bought the house.  FYI the tour guide is from bangladesh and he really did a great job by erm well technically memorizing all the facts...but he spitted out quite fluently! hahah
He's damn funny too seriously; being so cynical has entertained us well. hahah Speaks fluently malay and english !

How detail a place can be? All hand crafted.

This house comes with a courtyard. Old houses in Penang mostly will have courtyards with opening right on top of the area mainly because of Feng Shui; believe to create wealthness and prosperity but of course the logic explanation is that when you have courtyard in house its actually allows the air flow inside the house, and when you have good ventilation in the house you will feel healthy hence the improved productivity. 

This aunty doesnt seem to be awkward when taking photos hehe

This is the look of a newly wed peranakan girl...the bed for the newly wed is definitely mesmerizing...its a long story to this one particular photo coz there are reasons to why this bed is like that. From the bedsheet, to the decorations and of course if you can see on the left of this photo there is a chicken figure inside a cage. Ha you wanna know dig google hahah.

A peranakan couple in their original attire ready to take photos for the press. its a bit shaky coz have to snap quickly (curi2 tangkap)
The girl's bedroom...every lil thing in this room there's a story. No wonder this tour alone takes around 2 hours.  A full pack lecture of peranakan...worth the visit and money hahahah

FYI the chinese houses, mostly have different rooms or separate areas for occasions and functions. Thats why they have huge house during the old times. What I love most, they always incorporate landscapes inside and outside of the house ! So green ! Sustainable? heck yeah.

They dont usually have big window...this one is made of wood...small; enough to peek and and look around outside. If you remember, this window almost looks like the Malay Traditional Kampung House right?  Of course it is coz the Peranakan is a mix of chinese and malay culture.

So I ended the tour by showing off my family protrait hahaha first time oke...and definitly will be my last. They dont like me showing too much of family @@,
taken by my other half muah.

Interesting right? Wanna know more come to Penang and I would be more than happier to entertain you...but of course nothing is for free hahahahahah =D

For your information the entrance fee for an adult is only RM10, if not mistaken elderly is free. Not that expensive compared to the knowledge that you would be getting out of this tour. Worth every penny. Not many houses in Malaysia have this kind of culture and items anymore. They need your support and money to preserve what is left and of course maintaining such places can be very costly.

So show your support and love for Heritage ! For more of this event go to George Town Festival
p/s will post some other photos of me posing in the house hahahahha well self-indulgence.

Cheerios! Have a splendid FLYDAY !

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