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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hows your Ramadhan so far ?

Mine is great. 
Alhamdullillah, am able to perfom my Tarawih though a few things came up.

My goals for this ramadhan is to perform the last 10 Tarawih ! InsyaALLAH I am able to do so.
You need to force yourself to do it aight? If not it can never be done!
So lets fuel the motivation to make this Ramadhan an even better than before =)).

Erm talking about goals, I do have a few goals to be listed in the list (its been awhile huh?) and hopefully I can achieve those by end of this year (perhaps after I am done and over with my thesis =)) )

Goals  updated listed :
if you can see the list of goals on your right side there are certain items that I've amended so listed below is the current goal that I am pursuing..most of them are already included or just included today =D
I will have a new section displaying goals that I have achieved so far =D.

1. To participate in a club or gym ! I need to have a better workout plus I think its fun =D.
2. InsyaALLAH I will be able to have my own DSLR soon (still working on it =( )
3. I wanna buy a diana F camera and learn more about lomo.
4. Start helping those in need by perfoming lil deeds...and I've actually planning and starting this MONTH ! A good month and a good way to kick off.
5. I need to reorganize my room! and Its gonna be massive ! 

Thats all I am adding...There are of course things that I would love to share with you all soon..

Organizing your daily routine ! (perhaps what ever goals you wanna achieve in your entire life (",) )

Currently working on it. So do give me your support if you really want me to have this shared...I would do it ASAP if I have the votes =D!

If you have the tim browse to this website...very informative and resourceful !
Productive Ramadhan

Cheers and have a wonderful puasa =D

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