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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Favourite Magazines ! My must have every month .

A reason for our civilization. 
I've been longing to share about things I did, I do and will do...which I think would be useful especially to those who are in the same course...or perhaps want to start off and dont know how. Perhaps you would love to read just like I did, but you dont know what sorts of reading you wanna indulge let me help you with some kick off starters hehe =D
I have a few listed with me and I will review each of the magazine based on the knowledge that I have  'absorbed' so far.

Alhamdulillah, I have never failed to get my hands on each copies....compared to the knowledge that you will be getting..well definitely worth  every penny you spent.

Farah's The-NOT-so-GREAT Magazine List :
1. Solusi by Telaga Biru Sdn Bhd.
I came about this magazine 2 years back and since then have been a loyal customer. One thing about this magazine, it is ALWAYS pack of useful and new informations where you dont get to read other places with that price..Selling at RM9 now RM10 starting issue 35; you get to know in detail about zakat, sirah, islamic financial and etc. A good material for self-muhasabah and a good tool for inner-self improvement coupled with interesting photos and graphic, this one will surely make you wanna have it in no time =D.  

Why I bought this magazine? 

Even if you know that much you still have a lot to learn as a muslim/ try one yourself and do give me some feedbacks once you are over and done with.

2. Personal Money by The Edge Magazine

This is also one of my favourite selling at only RM9, this copies you can get at most of local bookstore and outlets around. Again, its  cheap and pack of informations on how to handle your money and financial, from young couples, to married couples, amateur investors, kids saving, tips on loans and investment and a whole lot more....You know books on finance can be pretty expensive especially if you wanna self-taught yourself with knowledge on finance and money handling.

Why I bought this magazine? 

In this day and age, its impossible to learn everything in schools and university that why these people produce magazines to educate those who were keen to find out more...I think when it comes to financial education, it is a each and everyone of us on how to handle money wisely...its not just a matter of buying food and clothes or gadgets?

Heck, if you dont take economics in school but when money is involve in your life ...YOU OUGHT TO KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THEM you need to learn and start educating yourself.  Dont let the money control you..its vice versa oke !

Trust me you might not need it now..but definitely in the future =D And as a muslim, when you know the conventional system, you will definitely wanna know more the Islamic financial system.

3.  Digital Camera by Velocity Media Sdn.Bhd. and Digital SLR Photography by Digital Imaging Publication Sdn Bhd.

Well different name. different publisher but suit the same purpose..This is how I begin my journey as a self-taught photographer a few years back...If you have the heart to do it, a book is enough to guide you through...[ most of the time] but of course you need to find out more yourself if you wanna indulge in this high-end hobby =D.

Why I bought this magazine?
The best thing about this magz is that you get to be updated with a whole lot of new techniques and gadgets, all by professionals. Definitely cheap and affordable...Costs only RM9 and RM10 respectively. Oh yea, did I mention that their photos are cool too? I dont say you dont need a book at all...but for a part-time photo moment taker, I think it is a good investrment...dont you think so?

4.  Rezeki by KasehDia Sdn. Bhd.

I knew about this magazine just last month from my sister who happened to subscribe last month. What I can say by reading the first issue is : Chick and Style ! So contemporary...Like CLEO magazine but the Islamic version of it...get it?

Why I bought this magazine?
My answer is pretty plain and simple : Refreshing.
Thats it....looking at this magazine makes me feel so fresh and come and think of the fact that we hardly see this kind of magazines back in those days...I think it is about time to have one now. So proud of these people who always try to fight for the improvement and betterment of the that it is acceptable by today's generation.

Looking forward to the next and coming issues =D

5. Reader's Digest by 

I've been reading this mag ever since I could remember....Small, compact and easy to bring along anywhere you go. A pretty handy material when you are waiting for someone or something....small enough to fit in your handbags I must say...thats what I like most about this.

Why I bought this magazine? 
 What I like most about this mag is that, most of the stories told are based on true stories...very much inspire most of the things I do in life. Its not just about facts and details that I am looking through but most important part is the valuable experience shared by other people, written down for others to read. All sorts of emotion came through you when you read these inspiring stories of hardship, love, happiness and etc. It needs courage to be able to tell off the story to other people especially when it involves dark memories that you wish you could erase immediately upon waking up.

These are the stories that I value most in life.

Some mags are missing coz someone borrowed them =D Why keep the mags when you can lend them to others..? hehe

Magazines I bought occasionally...

1.  Architecture Malaysia and Future Arc
Being an architecture student you cannot afford to miss all the updates going around you...I am lucky, being a PAM member (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia) I get to subscribe the mag for free...Unlike Future Arc which is totally expensive coz its imported I only buy the issue that I have interest in which is Green Design and Architecture.

2. HELLO! 
I am not a GEEK after all...I love gossips too..just that I dont buy mags to read gossips coz too much gossips is just a waste of time..Once in a while I think its oke.hahaha The HELLO! mag which I bought recently featured the wedding of Prince William and Kate..oh did I tell you I am a fan of the Royals too? Especially Princess Diana =D

3. Men's Health ?
Have you ever wonder why on earth and goodness gracious that I bought these mags...well not every month but occasionally..? Before that, most of the these mags I dont keep it in my house I pass to my dear haahaha I think he likes it reading...=D However this year I dont buy these mags anymore..need to cut on my budget but my other half takes the does it count? hahaha

Oke, I read this mag because I find the information very straight forward, easy, fast and direct...I dont have to spend most of my time trying to figure out what the content is. Unlike CLEO full of fancy phrases and catchy wordings (which is good for youngsters; happy at heart), Men's Health has the formula which in a way attracts me to read. =D I cant explain myself but I guess you gotta try yourself...View one at your nearest stores than you will know what I am saying exactly. BTW I am not GAY oke...I just dont wanna spend my time reading mags for an hour or so coz I am indeed a SUPER BUSY WOMAN hahaha. Afterall its health...and you get to take home a few tips to tackle a handsome guy =D.


So I guess thats all for  my favourite 'Monthly- Must -have-Magazines'
I really hope this sharing is beneficial to share the words around.


Selamat Berbuka and Happy Monday !

P/s dengar2 orang tuh dh dapat bonus ? =D

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