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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adding more GOALS !!!

When it comes to Goal I am all into it.
If I have all the money in the world I think I can achieve greater that what I have planned now.
Million of things to do and explore.
Saying this alone makes me all motivated from head to toe ^^

Yes I have indeed added new goals to achieve in my LIFE. Being so ambitious this evening for no reason but hey, its oke to be a lil extra imaginative once in awhile. If you have a dream, you are one step forward than others ! hehe.

They are :

62# Travel to Istanbul, Morocco and Mecca Area
I have always love these places, I get to know about these places more when I was watching History and Discovery Channel. Seeing the people, the culture and of course the architecture itself inspires me to see them for myself. If I am not able to achieve more than I can, I'll be more than grateful to be able to visit these places before I die.

63# Buy A video Camera
I have this sudden interest in video taking. The other day I saw an online video of a wedding, recording the couple's preparation, their feelings at the point its recorded, all the laughter - I think it is a unique way to record such emotion on a video, so we can always cherish and remember them.

64# Invest in Levi's Jeans
Hah, it's pretty lame. But believe me I have never own a Levi's Jeans in my 26's years of life ! Just to know how it feels buying a branded jeans for once =D.

65#  Buy Epson Epson Stylus Photo TX720WD
You guys know that I love artwork, scrapbooks and postcards. I did my research that this photo printer is  one of the best if you want to print postcard size or personal photos coz the colour transitions are handled beautifully and the details are rich and sharp. Yes the right one for me !

66# Have a Bachelorette Party !
Unlike the western version party, mine is pretty modest; a way for me to hang around with my girlfriends who are now living almost everywhere in the world, so by having this party we are able to meet up and have a wonderful catching up with lots of activities and fun stuff to do together. I was thinking to have it like on island or something so that it's memorable. CANT WAIT! < Though at some point this goal seems to be unrealistic; to gather all of us in one day? erm  mission impossble is on its way yyyyyy =D>

67#  Have my own designed recipe.
Though I don't cook that much, only cook simple dishes like sandwiches and fried noodles, but I know deep inside me that I can cook like a chef! Hah I am not trying to over-rate myself but this lil person inside me says I can do it...will try to get a kitchen fix after married so I can 'design' beautiful recipes for all =D.

68# Do fashion drawing  
Do you believe that when I was small I used to draw figures with my designed clothes on a sketchbook?  I used to have the sketchbook when I was in Ipoh (primary and secondary school) but some how along the way I've lost it. But it's oke, I still remember some of the drawings vividly; I guess I'm gonna draw again soon. Have this dream to have my own tailor so that she can sew whatever clothes I desire hahahah maybe I can try to find cheap tailor to custom-made my clothes first.

69# Open a coffee House with Library !
Another dream is to open a coffee shop with my own library and bookstore!!! I can imagine how the building looks like but that I have to wait till I have the time to make a 3D version using sketch-up so that I can show you guys how it looks like. So just stay with me in awhile, will have it done by Mid-next year InsyaALLAH. Anyway if there's anyone wants to invest in my project buzz me ! ^^

70#  Have 6 pack !!!!
They say it's tough, but still I wanna try ! So where's my instructor? 

71# Hold my 1st solo exhibition
I hope that someday, my works will get paid. My artwork in precise. I hope that I can hold my solo exhibition on crafts work or photography. I love to share what I have found in life with others. 

72# Worldwide pen pal ! -Have at least 1 pen pal in each country (in progress)
The feeling to have new friends from other places is so overwhelming, coz at some point you feel like your country is so special, you just wanna tell them how wonderful Malaysia is; the cultural diversity is so intense. So far I have 2 new friends which I have met online for my batik's business; one is in Austria and the other is from The Netherlands. Both of them work in the fashion and art industry. The one in Austria is in fact a museum curator ! How I am honored to have met such inspiring people. Of course they are older than my father I think but age doesn't hold the barrier. Nothing is. So why bother? Looking forward to expand my network InsyaALLAH.

73# Design my dream room !
Will show how my dream room looks like. 

74# Learn batik painting especially Batik Sarawak !
I have this passion for batik and kebaya and I wonder if I am able to pursue further in future to learn more about it =D

75# Design batik pattern
Once I have the knowledge on batik design, then I might wanna try to design one for myself even if its not for commercial use, I am more than proud to be using myself-designed batik wherever I go.

76# Learn Woodwork
Yes I am pretty handy person, will be sooooo proud if i am able to even craft my wooden frame for my photos =D

77# Published a least 1 book in my entire life!
Too optimistic I guess, but who knows if I have the platform will try to get one published, perhaps a poetry book?

78# Become a Puteri UMNO =D
I am done becoming a 'pengundi'....only waiting for the next election. Been wanting to be part of Puteri UMNO coz I heard they do a lot of charity works so I guess a good platform to start off.

79# Teach young children -voluntary work
I love helping young children to learn. I hope I can do this especially in rural areas. If I plan to settle down in Sarawak, I guess I might have the 50-50 chances to do a voluntary work in the rural areas during the weekend/ part-time basis.

80#  Be active in Social Club or NGO
I hate sitting at home doing nothing; watching tv? is not my thing though I enjoy watching korean dramas or english movies. I always wanted my life to be packed with activities to do coz I think time is so precious and valuable to be wasted just like that. I think once I have settled down and have my own income I would definitely wanna try this one out. Meet people, build networking...its all part of life venture. In fact in ISLAM itself teaches us to build good Silaturrahim with people regardless who they are or where they come from. ^^

81# Design my own wedding dress

Yes, InsyaALLAH given the time and money I wanna design my own wedding dress. After all it's one in a life time opportunity =D.

Dont you think that most of my goals are like the ' after the wedding' thing? hahahahahahhahahahah



Hairil Rizal said...

All very nice goals Farah! Having a pen pal from all over the world is something very interesting really. I was had a friend from Brazil...around 10 years back..but never really got serious in getting him as a pen pal that time.

Own designed recipe? Also nice. I created one before. A dish that combines sup ayam with sayur sawi. Pelik tapi..not bad. Hehe!

All the best with your goals dear!

farahD said...

Mr. Hairil, Thanks a lot really. Your comment makes me wanna go further in making these goals a reality; dreams comes true.

I bet you know the feeling of meeting new ppl especially from other parts of the world, and I can tell there are so many things that we dont know but having these people who are willing to exchange knowledge and experience makes our life even more beautiful.

Hahah as for recipe, erm it's just my imagination mixing available ingredients to make something extraordinary just like u did with sup ayam and sayur sawi! good to go mr hairil, you are indeed an inspiring person to me =D

Stay in touch ! and Thanks for the wish =^^

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