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Monday, September 12, 2011

My Life's Blueprint - Introduction

This is a segment involves a lot of tips and personal experience I have encountered in relationships, work and almost anything that related to life so it can be pretty long and lengthy as I go along and elaborate on each topic.

It is almost like a form of discussions where each post is open for comments and ideas  to be shared with others. This segment is also personally collected and created by me as a form of a reminder to my young-self. The tips and stories presented here is taken from the internet, some books I have read before and also my very own experience. I love to relate things I have read to my own experience. This way I am able to understand better with deeper appreciation.

I decided to name the segment ' Life's Blueprint' for a few reasons but the main reason is:

Since I am an architecture student blueprint has become a term that is very synonym with the industry.  In the industry the term means type of paper-based reproduction usually of a technical drawing, documenting an architecture or an engineering design ~ Wikipedia. So technically the architects will go for blueprints before the actual works done on site. In my case, blueprint is a form of documenting inspiring notes and facts of life. Something that is permanent and has the value to be reminisced; something for each and everyone of us to ponder. In short, it is a foundation to make your life better while sharing stories and experiences with others. 

So I hope you enjoy this lengthy leave some comments here so that I can upgrade it from time to time =D 


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